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wanna do colab comic
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hahah oh my David
lol i love that dog
my friend keep saying bad stuff about my sister only because i once told her that i hate my sister so much. i feel uncomfortable but i just nod and agreed with her -_- i hate my sister but i don't want other peoples but me to talk bad about my sister..gah!
i will kill everyone 8D lol
aaw this is great i can see laz sleeping there x3
November 15th, 2011
oh wait thats not right.....
September 14th, 2011
it's Alex the nice guy's name ._.
i'll put some bio 'k?
name:Alexander Fernandez
birthday: december the 1st
well thats it -__-
and so they've meet~
and so they've meet~
who wouldn't do that to a strange creature asking for food.
uhhhh yeh~
bad colors,bad drawing,thats my comics.
i will not coloring the next page tough.....
sorry if its horrible... UxU
enjoy~ ^^
so yeah~ this is my 4 panel comics started....
just a lazy 4 panel comic tough
hope you enjoy it~
August 18th, 2011
OMG OMG did i see double d from ed,edd,n eddy in the last panel????
August 3rd, 2011
oh such a drama n such amazing colors T^T
nina nina please don't go im gonna miss you D:
i wanna see toto in dog form <3
wait what? so she was just dreaming?
Name: YUU
Age: 14
Specialty: making strawberry cake
Hieght: 4'0"
Weight: 72 lbs.
Personality: kind,a very patient kid
bio:ruu is an orphan kid,he have 2 younger brother
,he realy like strawberry & realy good making the cake to,cuzz of that he realy want to learn more abt sweet in academy

yuu is my seme & laz is my uke...
btw i'm looking a best friend for him ^_^
sure why not XD
Name: LAZ
Age: 15
Specialty: not drink or eat any food 4 a week & sleep all the day
Hieght: 4'0"
Weight: 130lb
Personality: lazy,easy to forgot
bio:because his specialty & his personalty his parents are woried abt his future then his parents take him to the academy to learn abt cooking & hope he'll never be lazy or forget to eat anymore

sorry my english suck >x<"
btw i'm looking a best friend for him ^_^
lol XD live is complet?
its soooo CUTE<3333