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September 2nd, 2013
Aww...Well, now I'm a little sad.

Still, I wish Yuki luck with school studies! Looking forward to that myself. ^^ Even more, I'm looking forward to when this comic starts back up again.

Just good to know it hasn't been permanently abandoned at least. I was worried about that. <.< ^^
Oh, Demos. So smooth...XD
Also, I agree that Brian acts like he has an obscene amount of testosterone, and it's hilarious. :D I like him! Seems cool.
Hahaha, I love his name. XD And I like that Demos's nickname for him is essentially an acronym. So great.

I like walnut muffins too, Mr. O'Brien! :3
Oh, dear. What's going on? Did Demos see something bad and did Ferris see it too? o.o Or is there just something on Demos's mind and Ferris is curious about it? Agh! I'm in suspense already.

But aw, poor Ferris, I'm sure he'll get better eventually. It's his first time using a gun after all. He actually seems pretty talented...

"I guess I shouldn't be, as long as you're on my side." Careful with that attitude, Ferris! I can't tell you how many people had the mob on their side and then eventually wished that they didn't...
@ boxno: OH MY GOD, Boxno, you're here too? :D Yay! I get to follow one of my favorite comics with one of my favorite comic-writers. XD This is great!
Hahaha, Ferris is so blunt and honest, and yet you can tell he's a smart/sweet guy. I love his character so much.
"Let me walk you home."

Best potential couple ever? Circle one: YES/YES.
Okay, that's cute - I'll admit it. Ferris tries to act so cool, but he's a massive softy.
You know, I get what Demos is trying to do - and he's a really good friend for it - but Ferris is just such a kind person that I know it just won't phase him one bit.

Which is why I love them.
Oh, the expressions! XD Especially Demos's in the second to last panel. It's great.
D'aww...I can't blame her. I wouldn't be able to resist him either, if I met him in real life. X3 So adorable.
Aw, man, a drunk dad who leaves and only ever pops back into your life because he wants something and so your mom has to work extra hard. Julie and I have the same life story, I swear.
Seriously? Julie, I know what it's like to be broke and feel like everyone pities you for it, but Ferris is just a nice guy. :( It's his thing. Poor guy...
This is nice. :) They're actually getting along pretty well.

Also, I love Julie's hairstyle. Just thought I'd bring it up.
Hmm...I get the feeling that more is going on here than what we see on the surface. Hrmm...
Hm. That last panel kind've makes me like Julie. She can have her dorky moments too. :D
I second Somijuli's notion. These are some excellent background drawings and some unique background characters. I am impressed.
Well, at least he's honest. That's more than you can say for most people. *grumble*
Aw, poor baby. I understand; my school ID made me look like a dork too.
"Winter break was too short."

I hear ya there, Ferris. Boy, do I HEAR you. -_-;