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^^ y not ask <3
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*face palm*
=D we are back on track!

thanks for pointing out i miss worded that ^^ i will have someone editing this before i send it out to get it published XD
im ashamed i miss things like that XD
yay for hatters
Wallpaper one, i really should have posted these a while ago, ill see if i can upload a few this week to make up for the lack of comic posting
poking my nose will also result in death... >3>

god i love doing these little comics XD
... its sad we live in memes online *face palm* and the bad part about it is we dont even relize it XD LOL
XD i hope you guys get this

(BTW my real name is Allie just to help you get the Joke)
This shows the type of humor me and my boyfriend have... this was a real conversation we had XD OMG LOL

i love him XDDDD
April 11th, 2011
yep made a cover for the random real life poorly drawn comic =D
Through the Wonderglass
Part Five
The Inch High Pawn Shop

Alexandria Myers
I'm sorry for the lack of updates
I had someone else updating for me and they kinda forgot :/
BUT ill be doing it myself now =3
Saddly im going to have to start updating only on Monday's till i catch up with school work and money situations lol
Thanks for sticking through the wait XD
~Alexandria Myers
Oooops! Sorry about posting page 88 twice! I fixed the previous page to be 87, so please go back and look at the real page 87! ; u;
Happy Valentines Day!!
Woops, sorry about page 66 guys, it uploaded at the wrong time. Here, have the REAL next page! Sorry!
yeah i no its not to funny... sorry but i need to add SOME plot to this story XD i tried to add bits of comedy in it X3
I LOVE Quartz's expression in the last panel... can you believe he was suppose to be an air head in the original outline... i swear these characters have a mind of their own >_<
i love the little chibi Xizzy's in the first two pannles XD lol
cupcake panties! X3
i love misu's (mary ann) glomp pose omg XD