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yo, i like animu and nsfw things

stay kawaii my tomodachi
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I really like this story! Can't wait to see more!!! :>
god this is me every morning even on the weekend lol
this comic is hella cute, hope to see more!
your backgrounds are so detailed they look so great! :>
And I've missed you~ <3
Woooaaah, long time no see! I apologize for the long absence again, transitioning back into college was a little rocky. But luckily the semester is coming to a close and I can update a bit! Wish I could update on happier notes tho, we're going to see a lot of breakdowns.

Updates will continue to be scattered, but thank you so much for your patience and understanding!
very cute! the pink eyes are adorable
December 20th, 2015
@TheGYouLoveToHate: Just Recce (the boy)! Hanbi is James' biological child :^)
December 19th, 2015
Happy Holidays!!

Sorry to upload such a sad strip lol
November 28th, 2015
I like the way you think, haha!
But Jason and James are twins! :^)
November 27th, 2015
November 26th, 2015
Thank you for all your kind comments and support!

(If you live in the US) Happy Thanksgiving!
Hey guys, I hope you were all on your best behavior while Master Matt was out!!

But really guys, I can't believe it's been almost a whole year without an update. I really do apologize for the lack of updates, to be honest this has been a really rough year. I've been battling depression while trying to balance college at the same time. It's tough, but after a semester off I've had some time to recover.

Luckily for me, Master Matt always knows how to cheer me up and I hope he can cheer you up too. I will be updating Oh Master! again so please look out for it! There's no set in stone schedule yet, so please do bare with me with scattered updates.

I want to personally thank you all for being patient and sticking around for as long as you have! I hope that you enjoy Oh Master as it continues to grow!
January 10th, 2015
matt im so done
December 22nd, 2014
Matt's accent suddenly goes away when children are present ?? ? ?

Happy Holidays! c:
October 25th, 2014
October 22nd, 2014
Hey guys!
Thank you for being patient with me! Updates will be slow, but they'll be there!
sex so great it killed him omfg

tagen you babe