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Forbidden Dream
oh look!
Its gonna be released on 30 july! and it will be final, no more remakes!!
Also another manga too!
Links will be posted here and on deviantart.
So i got the new pieces replaced, but im changing another components again on computer...
next pages will be done in black and white
↑↑↑↑↑ Read ↑↑↑↑↑
Sorry have been through loads of shit, and i need money so much ;___; that this has been delayed omg

Please help me on

I really need to make a living
patience :3
this is introduction part 1, next page part 2.
just a bit more info here ↓↓↓
basically the story is developed in a postapocalypse future, in which all races have merged as one.

That's all i can say here for now :o
revamp #1
so this is remake as said in notice// start anew, i will delete slowly old version as soon as i release whole thing.
it's been too long but yess, i guess i know where this is going at the end :o
hey...i just realized that...last room on the right is usually where is located the restroom isn't it? XDDD
ok...since i started to read this i don't know if it's me or the main character looks like Allen Walker and the other character looks like Lavi from D.Gray-man XDD
still I'm looking forward to the whole story >w<