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I really hope to improve my art as I 'study' other people's style. n.n I'm also hoping I can upload my own manga/comics here soon. ^_^;
Oh I just love Jura's face =//7//=~<3
I JUST READ THIS ALL IN ONE DAY and oh my god, the feels these two invoke from me- tres bien. Just bury me now cos I am DEAD.
So excited!! I've shown your old comic to like 5 others and they've all loved it; thanks so much for continuing it! ;v; I wish you luck :D
god there's like, nothing worse than loving someone who doesn't love you back ;^; sorry boys TTATT It'll get better eventually, hang in there TvT please tell me it'll get better Milky OTL
ALSO, ahahaaAAA I'm so happy to finally see this page~~~ Nilla's expression is better than I imagined e//7//e~<3
Milky you don't have to thank me, all I do is fix words :'D I am embarrassed, which probably means it's time for me to make some more NSFW stuff to embarrass you úvù it's only fair, right? >v>
@*milk+assassin*: I know what face you were going to use- don't use that face at me, IM NOT A SMOL BABY CHILD. What do I gotta do to prove that TT0TT
Milky how dare you. "eto-baby-smol-child" what is this. e3e
Takashi has the cutest lil puppy face; he looks at Hiro how girls usually look up to their senpais xD ALSO, I didn't realize Takashi was shorter than him?? That's adorable, like... Gosh, at first I totally thought Hiro was going to bottom, but now I'm not so sure LOL SO congrats on that xD thanks so much for updating so often<33 your fans love you as much as you love them~<3 Keep up the great work >U<)b
I hope the other bouquet is for Jura since his lil pink butt is stuck in the hospital TvT</3
You're all wieners to me YcY~<3
Ommggggggg I still can't get over how adorable Jura is in that first pic, and I'm so happy Vanura is a fan favorite- I'm not alone u//c//u~<3
AW MAN. I coulda picked Milky as a favorite!? Well shoot! Oh well. I'm still happy with my picks. And that Vanilla/Sunny is unexpected, but I kind of understand. Bully x nerd. Hm... >w> and I see you posted my fan fic lmao I'm dying OTL Is it really that bad/naughty?? I mean, if you're gonna write porn without plot, doesn't it make sense to rely on detail, cos then what else would I even be writing about OTL ANYWAY, I'm super stoked for Part Two :D keep up the great work Milky nWn<333
I'M VERY CONCERNED ABOUT JURA, but so excited to finally meet Hirn in canon TT//7//TT~<3 Amazing work as always; good luck with your studies >v<
ohmyfuckinggod I can't stop laughing x'D MOST OF THE NSFW WORK IS FROM MY HANDS I'm so so sorry OTL I mean, I don't regret it, don't get me wrong, but I'm still sorry x'D Also, I wasn't too sure about this new layout, but I think it's growing on me c: Looks great >W<)b Can't wait for the next page n7n~<3
On the bright side, if this is anything like Boy Lessons, Jura can play nurse with Swen when he gets sent to the hospital c: You can make your move then, buddy ;D So, if anything, this is a win-win for Jura; he gets the cash AND gets to spend time with his boo, who may possibly end up with a concussion so it's possible he won't remember a thing >w> And another win if you consider Nilla being happy about Swen getting his ass kicked uvu
I showed my friend this comic today AND YOU UPDATED AND I'M SITTING HERE LIKE, MAKING SOME SORT OF UNGODLY NOISE JUST yes I ship them so hard that my heart hurts and andsklanlkdsa //lays in a pool of tears
This made me so happy- TT//7//TT)9

thank you for giving me warm feels while it's so cold out~ *rolls around*
Can't wait~~~!! Q A Q It looks like it's going to be an awesome comic~<3
February 18th, 2012
Awww~~! Trying hard not to cry~~ ●﹏● So cute~!!! I love your work!
August 6th, 2011
I'm so jealous of how you draw old men! ~Waahh~ //(ㄒoㄒ)// I tried drawing one for the first time today and he looked like a cross between Santa Clause and a rapist! o(╥﹏╥)o Please keep up the good work~ ●ω●
That's too bad. I just read your other comic and I love it! Can't wait to see what happens to Robbie and Toby!