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lol XD so cute~ they should push haru :P
December 15th, 2010
oh yess what a nice way of healing :3
loll his face XD
December 15th, 2010
ohh :O nice job!!
YESSSS XD Haru's not gonna do anything!
omgg shiro is amazingly cute! haru he's not mad he's sawwy!!
KYAHHH! (~'3')~ <33 ( words couldn't express ) lol EDIT: I just noticed the lil band-aid haha!
here is shiratori..? lol any way nyah you love to built up anticipation don't you? XD <3
Yes I missed you ^( ' 3 ' )^ lol
omg i love the third panel XD
I love his mom XD
she just happens to be wearing that XD
lol i love haru's mama! Oh man i can't wait to see his reaction!! YES SPAM PLZ HUGS & KISSES have fun!
lol not THAT far
September 20th, 2010
HIZ PHONE!?! <33333
lol dumb witch XD that was she get's ;P
August 27th, 2010
love the mohawk dude ;)
i love taka in the 4th panel <33
we love you lot's! lol shira's like buh whut did i do??? so cute can't wait to see what happens next! good luck with school
August 14th, 2010
good drawing
nice looking school!
omg i love the guy with the pink hair so cuteee :D