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im a crazy lil fuck
man, when i read that reply on DA i did not expect this.
still not as sad as The-Thousand-Yard-Stare though. that page made me TEAR UP.
jet i love you so much
being sick stinks- glad youre feeling better!
i really like how this page is colored
is that a crown?
i like the perspective of this page
i think love Trix.
the hoop earring were a good choice
magical lands of information indeed!

im glad he 'apologized' c: the last page didnt make him seem all that heroic
lol that sweat drop is so out of place i love it

have i ever mentioned how much i LOVE how dynamic and various your panels look? i adore the angles you use
haha oh sergio
with all the cute Jet action i almost forgot how much i love you
oh no jets been kidnapped?
good, most likely that means i get to see him more in this chapter xD
love. her. boots.

"Kegan was going to grab his gun, but after seeing Gunner tripping all over himself he figured it wasn't worth the trouble. "
he looks so disappointed about that :c
hopefully DT has leveled up from the last one
i cant decide who's cuter in the last panel, Nilus or Sergio.. i can, its nilus xD
no wonder he ran into that pole
looks like simon knows who theyre up against
aw oh my gosh is he about to cry? i know who my favorite character is. i love how you draw his lips too- that lip ring looks goood on him.
flash light!
gotta love all the action on this page
i am in love with the red heads character design. IN. LOVE.