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I like pie. c:

Call me Xiggy! I'm a fifteen year old of the female type. I'm on Summer break right now, but in September I shall be...A SOPHOMORE! I'm so cool. :D
Hey guys
So I guess Evan isn't talking to me anymore. He sort of disappeared about a month ago and I haven't hear directly from him since.

Don't worry he's healthy and safe, I guess he just...doesn't want to be my friend or something anymore, but a mutual friend of ours told me he's doing well.

Obviously this means I won't be continuing this comic anymore. I mean I suppose I could but it would just be too depressing for me to, and I wouldn't want to write his character ooc on accident.

I just...I don't know. Sigh. I'm just really torn up over this I guess.

Pic related haha
Heheh...this hiatus is a few weeks late!

My tablet broke awhile ago, so we'll be on hiatus until my new one comes. My friend is giving me his since he never uses it, but he's mailing it so it'll take awhile!

It should probably only be a week or two! In the meantime enjoy this picture of Willem (William) in his original Homestuck form. This was the design for his alternate future/ cyberstuck. c:
Page 3, finally!

Will try to update more often.
Hello everyone!
William's dad talks too much the comic page.

Edit: HEY GUYS! I know I've been really lame at keeping up this comic, but I have finally finished my Junior year of highschool and am on Summer break! :D

I am hoping to keep up weekly updates! C:
I wish this could have been better...but so much went wrong in the process of it that I finally just shoved it the fuck out and cried a little bit.

So here is your page one you lovely people!
Chapter 1
We don't have a set update day yet, and since it's based on a rp we only have so much figured out, but I'll try to update with the actual comic when I can for now.

I'm in school and have been sort of busy lately and not in the best mind-set, but hopefully it will change soon and I can set an actual date by which the comic will be updating.
January 18th, 2012
==> Realize the Artist of your favorite comic is a Homestuck
==> Cry tears of joy.
I drew some naughty pictures way back when and stashed them in my safe (I didn't have the to heart to throw them away because my friends and I were fucking around when we drew them so they had memories and whatnot) and my mom found one of them one time because it somehow got out of the safe.

That was the most devastating moment of my life. Ever.
Do you mean an art college, or do you have finals in your middle school? D:

Or are you going into a different high school for 10/11/12th grade?

congrats, btw!
Oh Dake. You and your stories.
I totally had a dream, and this comic was in it. @_@

I think I was like...chasing someone down or something, and it ended up being at a concert, and Fritz's band was playing...and he sang like a God. It was really. Weird. xD
I think they should all leave school and go out to lunch dressed up as wizards. :D

Hurrhurr...anyywaaayy good page. : )
All this time...I thought it was still on the page where Sebastian gets Queen Morgana's ring, only...I had bookmarked...and I never thought to check...and all this time I could have been....OTL
Oh Lawd
Oh Lawd that twenty dollar bill is a lie. xDD it ten or twenty? *confusion*
August 7th, 2010
You have such great background skills! ;A;