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My passion is Anime. I love Sailor Moon that is my favorite of all anime.

I love reading and drawing. I'm currently worikng on my manga. The first page has been taking me over a month to do. I'm thinking of posting Two different comics at the same time.

My first Idea that I had since the 8th Grade and the one I came up with recently.
What the!
That the hell do you use the make those things like the text box and other detailed pretty things.


Anyho pretty manga so far.

You better finish something! hmm...

Love ya bunches
Your art isn't ugly I love it. it is ten times better than any shit I can do and people say that I draw good. What I draw is nothing compared to your masterpeices.
I got really Lazy on this page and lacked a lot of creativity. Its not as pretty as my first page buts its okay. Meow!!
How Long does it take to make one page.
Sugoi!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next. Damn I wish I was a good as artist as you.

Its so beautiful!!!!!!!
coooooooool!!!! Your artwork is so awesome. I can't wait to see what happens next.
AWESOME!!!!! They are Fighting its so cool. Better than any Crap I can do.
I'm very Lazy with this Page. Dislike this one but the story must go on.
Pretty. I just finish commenting this at Deviantart.
Once again. I love this you are an amazing artist.
I kinda like this page better than the last one. One the bottom Right is my attempt to Draw an Explosion.
This is the Real Cover Page I wanted to Post. I DID NOT repeat DID NOT color this. I have poor computer coloring skills. I had breakbeatrhapsody color it for me. She is a very good friend of mine who I asked to color this for me. I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I did Draw it.
you are the bomb!!! I love this page. I love how you made the sword appear like that.
I dislike this page. I'm very off on my tone work. I also wish I had a Tablet.
I want to shade as well as you. Mine sucks. Your so talented.
Awesome. Another Page. I love your artwork. So beautiful and dramatic...and floopy.
Cool new Page. Yay!!!
Absolutely amazing. I love your artwork. Your even better than breakbeatrhapsody. Just wonderful.