fill in later
yo, i have been a long time follower of your works, basically since the beginning of Boy Lessons, and I think it was about time I told you how much i love your stuff if i haven't already! for real, your characters and stories are so captivating and i absolutely love where this one is going! I probably check to see if this comic has updated multiple times a week XD watching your art progress to where it is has been so fun to watch! your art is to beautiful today (not that it wasn't before!! you've just improved so much!) Just thought i'd tell you how much i love your stuff :) keep up the awesome work and story telling!
oh god the feels </3
your an amazing author, my goodness, ive never cried reading a fan webcomic!!
daaaaw <3
February 22nd, 2012
just wanna say... i love this doujin so much. i love how origional it is and the coold flavors you add to it!! i enjoy reading and always look forward to updates :>
So uh... its been a couple months... i've been super busy and i've finally been able to start making this again; i decided to put more effort into this page cuz its been so long ^^ (My style has changed and in coloring, better i think) I think i'm goung to make the rest of my comics for this story with this drawing/ coloring style, i rather like it ^^

oh, and disregard the fact that it was the middle of the day in the previous comics... lol it just suddenly became sunset XD

the bottom 2 pannels are supposed to represent Kidd going in a different 'creepy' part of the neighborhood, it's always a bit dark and stormy there XD

Hmmm? who could this new character be in the bottom pannel? I don't think Kidd can see his creepy aura/ flame XD
i do enjoy this story :) its very cute and i always enjoy reading it! idk what it is, but this seems to be so origional!
oh god... i have a feeling shell be all 'i guess i have to follow you so you dont do anything bad!' NOOOOOOOo
October 12th, 2011
what is this-- i dont even--
i love this so much its so cute and the stories are fun and XDDD
not gonna lie, this made me tear up XD love this story :)
i dont think you understand how much this comic makes me laugh!!! i love it!!
white boy be all ninja kissin his ass!
black n white
grey scale
wtf happened here idk XD

sorry about the lack of updates, this comic is certainly not dead, ive been sketching comics and not uploading them XD (i have like 50 strips, i gotta color though X3)
July 9th, 2011
OH PLZZZ CONTINUE THIS ITS SOOOO GOOD DXXX ppl always quit their awesome stories at the good part T^T
dude, i absolutely love this so far XD just replayed the game, this is makin me crack up!! I love you you draw the characters and the personalities XD
I love this story sooo much!! this is my second time rereading it it makes me so happy XD I REALLLLLY hope u make a seaqual!!
July 5th, 2011
haha i love this comic so much XD its hilarious and so much fun to read XD
<3 this amazing person made me fan art of my character DAX from this comic X3 (He's the green guy on the cover)

I am really sorry about the slow updates btw, school finally just ended and ill be able to draw and update more!! i have 20+ pages drawn, i just need to add final touches and such before i upload! :)
I drew this before i decided what skylars final color were! (eyes, clothes, eyes, hair... ect! i drew this a couple months ago!)