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Boy with a secret
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Inhouse Escort
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A lover's Rule
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Recent Comments

Comment on Patreon of Dog Tag
Tanako, 15 Oct 2014 07:44 pm
This is really cool. She looks exactly like you lol <3
this is a good idea to get your work funded.
Comment on HHAPPY 4TH YEAR BWAS!! of Boy with a secret
Tanako, 12 Sep 2014 09:08 pm
Today is the forth year for BWAS. it seems like yesterday when i started this comic. I’m so glad it was able to make it up to four year. Just want to say thanks for the support guys, without you readers I don’t know if i would have the courage to continue so i appreciate the support and please, please continue to show support by Voting, purchasing books and merchandises from the store or donating. thanks you♥
Comment on ch4-18 of Dog Tag
Tanako, 06 Sep 2014 04:17 am
This scene is really hot :D believe it or not you did a very good job here
Comment on Dbz: Bulma and Vegeta - Firstkiss: Chapter 2, Pg19 of Dbz: Bulma and Vegeta - First Kiss
Tanako, 04 Aug 2014 03:54 am
wow i mean you are very very good. they look exactly like the characters in the comic. you nailed it honestly. GOOD JOB!
Comment on ch4-12 of Dog Tag
Tanako, 16 Jul 2014 03:11 am
Man the first panel is too cute :> and you are updating fast :D thats awesome!

and oh, did you get the image i sent?
Comment on Reminder Update of Boy with a secret
Tanako, 14 Jul 2014 05:37 pm
Decided to continue a reminder update. website will redirect you to main website.
Comment on ch4-7 of Dog Tag
Tanako, 13 Jul 2014 04:01 pm
@Iron: I did send it. lol I sent it to the Fluff ball e mail. isn't that your correct e mail?
and on, i guess i see what your talking about lol. but you have to try, if you do i think you'll do well in drawing scenes like that. PC had been abandoned :/ the person i was doing it with Quited lol
Comment on ch4-7 of Dog Tag
Tanako, 10 Jul 2014 04:02 am
booty on the bed hehehe :3
i'm being pervy
Comment on ch3-15 of Dog Tag
Tanako, 02 Jul 2014 06:37 pm
wonder who she is...
Comment on ch3-12 of Dog Tag
Tanako, 24 Jun 2014 08:20 pm
Yea, that's a very good looking crying face. I should like save the page and reference it if i need a crying face :D

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