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Aiko Eitai
I like anime, manga, reading, drawing, singing, humming in the bus XD stay silent and listen to what people tell you, playing the violin and the piano and lots lots more XD
I am a very shy person but I love to make friends. I don't like divas that think they can get enything and boys who bully and think about woman as a toy.
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He said "Each other" :,D
Someone hit a weak spot with bulls eye xDD
She;s soo cute with her hair down~~
Don't go!! .............. She's gonna kick you =_=
One moment he's like WTFFFFFFFF D<<< and then he's like ZzZzZzZzZzZ...-Q-
Pft!!! xDDD I wonder why she became like that...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so many possiblities!! @____@ makes my head spin!!
Yay~~!! You're back!! He looks sooo good!!
I bet the bather will find it unpleasant XDD Is it just me or he really likes her? XD I'm a loser...ik...
Hmmm...He's quite tall! I think I now what you mean by the "role" ;) My mom used to tell me a tale about Alice in wonderland. She tole me that the Jack was in love with the queen. The queen was a cold-hearted cruel woman, but the Jack knew, she was only lonely. I'll have to ask my mom about the rest, don't quite remembr it ^^;
PFFFFFFFFFTTTT XDDD I just LOVE the last panel. You use screen tones like a pro! And Fudo's expression is really FUNNY XD I even like the was Arisu was like D8< "Don't touch me,punk" one moment, and then the other (/ ^ ^)/ "Tra-la-la-la~~ Ohh~ A flower~" XDDD
And wth happened to his hand?? Did Arisu take karate lessons? From a world-wide champion?!
Wait whut? Did I miss a page or smth?
Officially, Arisu scares me. Is it just me or Fudo really is more nice than Arisu?
I like the second panel! Really awesome the way you drew their hands. Panel 3 is also awesome! Fudo's scared expression is reallt cute owo
Umm...Double-personality? O_O I think Arisu's expression was VERY scary....Poor Fudo, he sure was suprised!
OUCH DXXX That gotta hurt ;A; What happened to the cute Arisu?! I bet she actd that way to get him her servant XD Lucky me there's still a page available XD
Oh and I just love talking in the 800' XDDDDDDD But not ALL the time C:
Oh my LOVELY! I love this! Love love it!!! I just can't get enough of it! He looks like he's about to melt under her embrace! He's face it's full of love and embarsment >w< daww! >w<
Aiko Eitai
December 21st, 2010
Hahaha~ This young man's position is weird and entertaining as well! I fancy the way he one moment is like *sigh* "My life just could not get worse..." and then he would just start screaming and being surprised by the young girl's house! I find it very funny indeed! And much I wish I would stop talking this way...I think no one fancies it and thinks it is very weird...

Oh god...I wish I would stoip doing this translation shit....KEEP IT UP!
Aiko Eitai
December 14th, 2010
This young lad's logic is a very mistery to me, but is the common one! I Think he should learn to read himself and his heart faster! that is no way to win a young lady's heart when you do not know yours fully!

Translation: His logic rocks but ALMOST all men think like that XD He just doesn't realize himself but he's already crushing on her. My oppinion of course. Oh but he could just like her looks for now XD lol XD I'm still a loser C:
Aiko Eitai
December 8th, 2010
Because I am such a big loser like that I think she actually likes him and wants to spend more time together and she uses this excuse :I I'm a loser lols XD
Aiko Eitai
December 8th, 2010
IS she gonna confess or something? XD
I just noticed Hotaru kind of looks like Syaoran from CCS!
He looks soo cute!