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Hello! I'm Heather, and I'm a 25-year-old with a degree in General Anthropology. I've been drawing nearly every day of my life since second grade and have made various comics... but I'm only now comfortable enough to share any. I really love listening to music - any music - since it helps me to get inspiration. I also love video games. My favorites are Skyrim and Portal 2. Right now I am a lowly housewife with nothing else to do. I also love meeting people, so feel free to say hello! <3
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Comment on Chapter 06, Page 29 of Do It Yourself!
Rennakins, 29 Aug 2014 05:12 am
Uggghh Lucas you're hopeless.
Ashley, you two.
You're both just hopeless.

@HarlequinLove: LOL this is all your fault I hope you know this TAKE RESPONSIBILITY

@Quadrant: And de-escalated just as quickly!

@YukixKaname1: Ahhh I have stopped now so please do not die *pet pet* I love making everything all awkward for these two. So much fun.

@snow crystal: I will always be embarrassed haha... with my close friends I am somehow totally okay sending them actual porn I've drawn but when it comes to little things like this, because I know I'm posting them for everyone, I get all nervous.

@tangyskittles: There's no hope for either of these two gdi

@s.s.: Well I am all excited to continue now because I've got some big plans for the future haha... though this time I didn't mean not to update; my solid state drive fried so I had to wait for a new one! :<
Comment on Course Fifteen Page 028 of The Cafe d'Alizee
Rennakins, 28 Aug 2014 06:39 am
So in case you didn't know, my solid state drive got fried and I had to wait for my new one to come in. But I'm all good now. Whoo!

@HarlequinLove: Lol I don't remember if you actually did know what I was planning or not pft I'm so lazy

@geneseepaws: He'll get there in time! It took Ashley and Lucas 6 chapters of their own to get anywhere.
Comment on Chapter 01 Page 18 of Strike-Out
Rennakins, 25 Aug 2014 03:07 am
Sorry this is so late uggghh I couldn't draw for like 2 weeks and then my solid state drive crapped out on me so I had to wait for a new one ugh

@snow crystal: Joel probably has never had a genius idea in his life. ;A;
Comment on Chapter 06, Page 28 of Do It Yourself!
Rennakins, 18 Aug 2014 02:15 am
@geneseepaws: Sorry if my authors comment offended you somehow, it was actually a little jab at one of my friends because we were commenting on how both Ashley and Lucas have only been a bottom before. Both had controlling boyfriends who thought they were above switching positions.
Though none of it will be drawn in comic, for the record there is no definitive top or bottom in DIY. Sorry you felt that I was stereotyping, it wasn't meant to be taken that way.
Comment on Chapter 06, Page 28 of Do It Yourself!
Rennakins, 15 Aug 2014 04:37 am
Hahaha...haha...ha... oh my god I am so embarrassed even by this little bit excuse me
Lucas do you really think you're a top tho oh honey no...

@snow crystal: AAAAHHHHH I'm sorry I ruined your phone call ahahaha... AUGH all of this is so embarrassing

@raziesgirl: Don't worry I know the kiss came out of nowhere but I won't rush things with them... they need time still :>

@YukixKaname1: He was hit with the bat in his side and legs mostly. AUGH NO GROSS SOBBING PLEASE I AM EMBARRASSED ENOUGH FOR THE BOTH OF US.

@PutPutJunior: Only took 3+ years, right?!

@Aleeha: omgggg you sweetie pie augh you're gonna make be blush~

@s.s.: Ahaha I was actually thinking that when I posted it... "If everyone's excited about the hug, wait 'til they see this!"
Comment on Course Fifteen Page 027 of The Cafe d'Alizee
Rennakins, 14 Aug 2014 12:19 pm
AUGH I'm sorry I disappeared like a jerk, I have not felt up to doing comics lately and haven't been able to get the drive to do any of them. Hopefully now I am doing better and HOLY SHIT WHILE I WAS GONE I GOT 1,000 FANS ON THIS COMIC OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU GUYS I have been hoping for that to happen forever, of course it would happen when I wasn't looking!!

@XxScarlette_WhisprexX: They're just a little too sweet for me ahah...

@s.s.: I'm like that all the time with my husband lol... I just love to bother him~


@Creative423: Nooo don't go back into the shadows~ come play with us~ :V
Comment on Chapter 01 Page 17 of Strike-Out
Rennakins, 28 Jul 2014 12:12 am
@XxScarlette_WhisprexX: Yesss Joel <3 Ugh I can't stand how much I love him, he's totally one of my favorites :P

@Quadrant: Joel isn't an easy person to relax, so it's probably good that it's something other than nervousness that's making him act up. :P

@snow crystal: He's just a sweet stupid little boy trying to get out of a situation haha...
Comment on Chapter 06, Page 27 of Do It Yourself!
Rennakins, 25 Jul 2014 05:25 am

@HarlequinLove: UGH I MISS YOUR DUMB FACE. And aaaahh Ashley is a big loser and Lucas is a big loser and shhhh

@Cassanthia: No you! :O

@YukiXKaname1: Ahh sorry for the confusion, yes he was hit with the bat, just not in the head. Lucas knows what he did was wrong and Ashley's forgiven him. Ashley knows that feeling and while he never acted on it, he does understand it. He's probably just glad Lucas was able to admit it.

@raziesgirl: They have both been in a situation before that they had to hide their relationship, so when they get together they won't hide it. :)

@s.s.: Awww you're super sweet <3 Evan did abandon Lucas, he never saw him again after he ended up in the hospital. They just need to love each other <3 Sweet boys.


@snow crystal: Well Ashley's already admitted that he has a crush on Lucas, so of course he'd react this way. <3 I hate that stuff too, people are just so disgusting and full of hate. :(
Comment on Course Fifteen Page 026 of The Cafe d'Alizee
Rennakins, 21 Jul 2014 09:53 pm
Admit it: we've all been Noemi in panel 2 at some point.

@XxScarlette_WhisprexX: Aw thank you~~~

@Quadrant: I think you're right about Maya. :) And Daniel always worries too much haha...
Comment on Chapter 01 Page 16 of Strike-Out
Rennakins, 20 Jul 2014 06:01 am
Gavin~ he's totally my favorite I'm not going to even try to lie.

@Iron: Awwww thank you so much~~~ <3 Maya will have a lot of story to herself, and Noemi will show up many times too! ^^

@snow crystal: Baw so sweet ;A; I'm having a lot of fun with these little dorks too. I can't wait til the pace picks up some and we get to really meet the characters~

@XxScarlette_WhisprexX: Thanks so much for enjoying my comics! <3 Sadly I didn't play any sports so I had to learn all about it myself XD;; Luckily I got some friends to help me out... but I'm still super worried about making mistakes since I never played baseball or softball!

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