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Hello! I'm Heather, and I'm a 26-year-old with a degree in General Anthropology. I've been drawing nearly every day of my life since second grade and have made various comics... but I'm only now comfortable enough to share any. I really love listening to music - any music - since it helps me to get inspiration. I also love video games. My favorites are Skyrim and Portal 2. Right now I am a lowly housewife with nothing else to do. I also love meeting people, so feel free to say hello! <3
Skype: rennarevelin
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@Geneseepaws: I'm sorry, I know I've been gone for so long... I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for a long while now. You can always email me at or skype me (my username is rennarevelin) I am always around. :)
@Rennakins: Editing my message here about Ashley's gender identity. I previously stated he would be bigender, when in fact, he would be considered genderfluid. I wasn't aware of the term "genderfluid" at the time but now that I am more aware, that's obviously what Ashley is. :)
Hopefully this page looks normal (please tell me if the colors are weird) because I'm having computer issues AGAIN and I'm going to scream, I'm pretty sure one of my monitors is on its way out the door or my graphics card is or BOTH for all I know. :T

@YukixKaname1: It's definitely been rough trying to get back to updating. Cafe is taking a bit longer because it's hard for me to get back into where I was. And Lucas's mom knows he got beat up, she just doesn't know his nose IS broken. :,)

@redleaveshavefallen: Uggghh I know right? And my computer has NOT been making this easy on me. It's one thing after another lately, I dunno... I guess my computer's on its way out haha...

@s.s.: Lucas is just a problem magnet. Seriously, how did he even get in all this trouble? He's mostly just a spectator and things just happen to him.
Maya is one of my favorites. Perfect baby <3

@XxScarlette_WhisprexX: Thanks!! I nearly forgot how to draw him haha...
SO. I had this page nearly finished when I went to save (and I was literally just putting in the speech bubbles, the last thing I do on any page) my computer blue screened as I hit save and it corrupted the entire file. So I lost hours of work and then also I ended up having to completely reformat my computer. So much for updating on schedule again! But now we're all good and I'm getting my computer back how I want it so yay~

@Arcane Allusion: Thanks! Somehow I just like... completely forgot to make a title page at first for this chapter haha... I was too excited to get back into the story!

@yayanime: Thank you!! <3

@s.s.: tbh I don't think my covers ever have anything to do with the story (at least not for this comic) haha...

@Jashi: Hoorah! I didn't die! :>

@staticarcher: Aw I missed you too!! <3

@YukixKaname1: It's so good to be back~

@XxScarlette_WhisprexX: pfffft there's no such thing as balance and happiness in my comics :P
@YukixKaname1: Thank you for being so sweet while I've been gone~ :) You have no idea how good it is to be back.

@GeneseePaws: Thanks again! We're still working on getting his mom back to her normal self but it's getting a lot easier. :)
God I missed you guys.

@geneseepaws: My email is and you can email me anytime! I am also always on AIM and Skype too :)
@s.s.: I love Lucas and Ashley but I am addicted to the pain that is Liam/Ashley too haha... Thanks a lot! <3 I can't wait, I've already gotten a few pages sketched out~
@mirandomly: Aw thanks a whole bunch! :) I'm doing NaNoWriMo right now so my stress meters are a little higher than usual but I think once I'm done I'm gonna be super excited to do webcomics! :)
@YukixKaname1: Oh sorry I'm so confusing haha! My friend didn't draw the picture - I did. But she just also happens to be a great artist. She inspired me to do the mix, because she's awesome at making mixes, and she helped me choose some of the songs for it. She's also the whole reason why DIY is going to get a second part, and she has been a tremendous help in planning it.

The second part is going to be all about Liam and the things that happen to him after Ashley and Lucas's story. Don't worry, he's not getting away without some punishment~ :) He's gonna suffer a lot first. But he'll learn to be a better person and a lot of that character development is going to be because of Tristan, who hasn't been shown in the comic at all yet but he's appeared in a picture on my deviantART with Liam:
@YukixKaname1: Aww thank you~ and if it helps, the whole mix is basically Ashley being like "I'm done with you" and Liam pining over losing him because he really did love him, in his own twisted way. I ship Ashley with Lucas and Liam with Tristan (the guy he ends up with in the second part of DIY) too much to let it affect me I think ahaha...
So short little update here! I know I've been gone like, almost two months so I wanted to update everyone. My mother in law came back from the hospital, then ended up having to go right back a few days later and afterwards couldn't really do much for herself, so I've been doing all the housework and caring for the cats and all that good stuff. Then she had to have a surgery done and it seems like that's helped her a little, plus now she has both a nurse and physical therapist that come to see her a few times a week. I hope to stock up on a few pages in the meantime and get back to updating at the beginning of December. <3

About this picture then. I had a desperate need (thanks to my friend McFif who is also an awesome artist and you should check her out at or to do a sad Liam/Ashley break-up fanmix complete with a picture and I missed all of you and I missed my comics so I wanted to at least post the picture and, if you're interested, the mix itself:

@lunabob: Thank you so much~ <3 Things are getting much better.

@Jashi: Thank you! And yessss I love cats and I love my little babies. :>

@HC: Surprisingly, Chell neeevvvveerrr stops meowing. Though the "minor case of serious brain damage" thing might be true. Glad you're enjoying the comic! :)

@YukixKaname1: Thanks!! I miss your comments, I hope to come back soon~

@Gazpachoxd: Thank you very much~ :)

@snow crystal: Hehe I love my babies. <3 Thanks so much, I miss you and I miss my comics.
Hey so I haven't been able to really work on anything lately, the biggest reason being that my mother in law has been in the hospital for nearly two weeks now so my household is pretty hectic right now... I'll return when I can!
Hey so I haven't been able to really work on anything lately, the biggest reason being that my mother in law has been in the hospital for nearly two weeks now so my household is pretty hectic right now... I'll return when I can!
Hey so I haven't been able to really work on anything lately, the biggest reason being that my mother in law has been in the hospital for nearly two weeks now so my household is pretty hectic right now... I'll return when I can!
Sorry the page is a little late! I decided to be lazy on my birthday instead. :V

@Iron: Haha I wonder~ :O

@Quadrant: Ahaha gotta love siblings who threaten you with "Don't tell mom" incidents. XD

@snow crystal: He's just a shy little dork with a crush~ :)

@XxScarlette_WhisprexX: Ahhhh thaaaanks <3 He's one of my favorites~~

@staticarcher: I can't tell~ :)
@snow crystal: Hey! <3 My username on dA is rennarevelin, I'll add you~ <3 And the friends I share my porn with, I also write steamy RPs with so we're pretty used to it ahaha...
So I'd like to make a little mention that while the end of DIY is still quite a ways away, it seems I've figured out what I'm going to do after the story ends. I decided (with the help of my wonderful friend MissCamelot / mcfif) that there will be a sequel focusing mostly on Liam. If you hate Liam (and most of you do) you should know that he will suffer greatly in it. But it will also be a BL story~ :V And I am super excited. I actually already posted art for it on devART. :V Buuuut I figured since I'd officially decided to do it, that I should mention it. Yay! :)

@staticarcher: I think his brain broke. :T

@YukiXKaname1: Pft I couldn't let them get together that easily. It'd be too soon. They can stew for a while. :)

@snow crystal: Haha only to my close friends though... And I draw -a lot- of porn. :| They're both making each other insecure, that's what they're best at!

@geneseepaws: Haha "what meds"? :P
Finally, a chapter for Cat and June. :)
If I don't update on Monday, it's because my birthday is on Sunday! :P Gonna be old! Yay!

@Almightyra: So true. :) My mom was all upset last week so I drove an hour out to spend an evening with her and my sister. <3

@geneseepaws: Aww haha Maya is just happy that her mom's happy for once. Even if she's still not entirely keen on Daniel, she's just glad Noemi is happy.

@YukixKaname1: Mothers are the best~ <3
Siblings are great for threatening one another. :,)

@snow crystal: He's got his reasons... ;)