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Jamie ~ 20 ~ England ~ Genderfluid with he/they pronouns ~ Single pringle

I'm into a bunch of fandoms, I like drawing, singing, writing, acting and various other things.

Other places you can find me;
dA: Jaimz-AG JaimzAG
Skype: insertwittyusername
Steam: insertwittyusername
@kel-jo: He DOES care :D
I see a lot of myself in Carver. Massive obvious dorky crush on sweet Merrill included.
That's the cutest thing I've seen all damn week holy hell
I mean.... he makes a fair point
The proudest poof!!
I'm so glad to see you back! I hope you're doing well, I've missed your lovely art <3
I think my Tabris seems exasperated by the whole thing but deep down there's a sort of "hahahahaha yes shems, do as I dictate"

he's not power-mad, but he's definitely enjoying himself
@lexiloulou6: d'you really think it's wise to declare being 13 on what is undoubtably an 18+ comic??
@zenat: yeah, she regrets putting that much trust in him by the end
My quizzy was just very "????? excuse you??????" and most likely looks to Solas for explanation because he seems to understand all the super elf-y shit that's going down
He's only half though, so I'm guessing his wings might not get quite that long?
@zenat: She's a kid, but she's still the Herald of Andraste and she won't let you forget it |D

Though I like to imagine Cassandra won't take her nonsense, no matter how much Ala pulls the puppy eyes (on the other hand Sera is a TERRIBLE influence)
At least my quizzy has the excuse of being a literal child (she's only 16 at the conclave) when she does stupid shit
Honestly the second to last panel just makes me think of that one scene in Easy A

@Quadrant: Damn, you beat me to it!
I just love how Gannet's wings floof out in that last panel :'D
@MiaBeecraft: aaah, I didn't know that! ovo ty for clearing it up!!
They're English, right? I'm guessing from "pop"-ing to the shop, "football" and "arse"...

So why would he be surprised about him being uncut? Circumcision is really rare here o-o being cut would stand out far more...
This I why in my personal canon it's cousin Amell (who isn't the HoF, but still a warden) who gets brought along - my Hawke would H A T E Loghain, it would make zero sense for them to get chummy >.>