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Heya peoples. I suppose you're reading this to know a little about me? Well, here goes.

Likes: Manga, Anime, Reading, DRoP, Drawing, Harry Potter, Slash aka Yaoi, Pirates AND a ninja, Cheese, Pop-Tarts, sharpies, annnnd the computer.

I'm such a nerd, ne?

Dislikes: Bad voice actors, Sunlight(eee, I'm a vampire), age steriotypes, ignorant people who shouldn't be ignorant, cleaning, Chinese food, and homework.

Yeay, I'm a Nerd-pire! ;)
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November 17th, 2006
Eek! -blushing over here- I knew where it was going and I still didn't stop reading! Good art. I don't normally read hardcore yaoi, either. -still blushing-
Bleh. D= Creepy men are creepy anywhere, anytime. -shudder- I dun like it when hair-cutter people talk to me. I mean, I'm paying you to cut my hair, not chat. T.T
Everybody's scrambling to find bondage-seme and I'm really just wondering what Mr. Nerdy is like in seme-mode. o____o
Ha! I thought you said that this wasn't becoming a comic! Oh well! I'm glad!