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That bat is so adorable! I love him!
Nice job on Ulquiorra, very sexy! ;D I'm enjoying this comic very much.
Gosh though, that woman, all she does is cry. She might want to get that looked at.
ooo, pretty picture!
hahah, he worships cock. nice!
I showed this comic to my sister and she loved it. heheh! I love this page! "no, gross! stop!" hehehehe!

update soon please!
awww, I came back looking for updates but there weren't any. :( please update soon!
so exciting! I can't wait for more! And can I say, that your men are so handsome! meow! purrr! I feel so bad for our hero, he's getting really screwed over right now. poor guy!
awwww, he's so cute! so when will he discover his bi/gayness? because I seriously want to see some man sex with our sexy chocolate dude here. *craving*
O.O so exciting!
poor guy! So sexy though, eheheheh! nekkidness. yummy.

oops, he's twitching. Somebody's losing it!
I love him! He looks so cool! and naked...yummy. :D
O noes! watch out lucas! I wonder what the creepy dude wants vampires for?
Hey, I'm confused. A few pages ago they got turned into women. Now they aren't? Waaaaa?
ha ha, I've never gone to a spa before, but it sounds scary.
awwww! so sweet! I love the boars!!! Please update soon!
so funny! hehehehe, I love it! Hmmmm, I'm worried now, I'm not sure what all this talk of evil blood magic and such is going to do to the wolf. He might get the wrong idea.
yay! I'm so happy! I was afraid that this comic wasn dead or something. *excited* but it lives! ITS ALIVE!!!!! Muwahahah! I just LOVE this comic, Please update soon! More boar stuff, rofl, this kid is awesome!
He is either going to stab him in the back, or he is going to cut him loose. I am hoping for the "loose". But I thought there should have been fangs in his mouth? Do the vampires in this story not have fangs?
what what what!!!!! Where is the next chapter????Where where where where where!!!!!

*sobs* I want more! must have more chapters!!!!
EEEEE I love this! BEST COMIC EVER! update soon!