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the 8lue ace
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Its totally mighty, he's got red eyes cause he's pissed off with sega because no one remembers him, well....

..except me ofc.
The next comic is just begging for a sonic generations reference
In the next comic they would say they meant it shake hands and then sonics classic self would appear behind sonic and say "but segas still better than nintendo" and then the whole arguement would kick off again xD
Shiny new comic look is shiny
He does that alot acty...
If this battle doesn't get restarted soon sonic genertions plot will catch up and we'll have classic versions of sonic and mario running around. (I would say megaman too, but we've already seen his in the 8-bit world)
AM I the only one wondering why tails has a hammer?
Metal sonics not stronger than sonic and he's rated as the 3rd fastest offically in the sonic world. (shadow 2nd and sonic 1st)

The reason he was so powerful in sonic heroes was because he copyed the data of everyone including chaos, gaining they're knowledge, moves and perfect chaos form (In metal form ofc).

This is lols
I've played through the game and yes sonic 4 uses sonic rush phyics and not old sonic phyics, but you can't blame sega for that, blame dimps as they helped make the games phyics(and also made sonic rush I believe)
Apart from the phyics, which I really didn't care about too much, the game is perfect in everyway. If your still not happy, sega said each epiosde will improve as new ones are released so the phyics may change anyway.
Sonic has a reason to be so full of himself
Sales of sonic 4 just went through the roof xD

I'm surprised sonic 4 hasn't been meantioned in the comic yet as sonic 4 is the first 2D sonic in 16 years, after all megaman 9 was meantioned at some point in the comic, favorism much?
Oh boy....
Here comes the ranting between sonic and megaman fans, I was wondering why it was taking so long.
@ the people who said knuckles was already there in the last page
@People who say knuckles is already there
No he's not, tails carried him back to the lab after he got frozen remember so tails and dr light would de-ice him, I think thats him coming back to the battle now with tails.

If you don't believe me look up the rescue party page of this comic and tell me otherwise :)
I have a feeling its tails and knuckles, I totally see megaman dodging chillmans shot and knuckles getting frozen again xD
Tails time to shine
Tails hasn't seen much action in this series cause of what happened in the first round, hope he makes up for it cause he is sonics first friend in the sonic series and should make more of an impact.

Heh, tails going into his super form from S3&K would be amazing with his FLICKY ARMY OF DEATH xD
You have nothing to worry about
Sonic and shadow are there and they have the chaos emeralds, sonic beat eggmans entire space fleet using them, don't believe me? Watch the opening cutscene in sonic unleashed.

If metal sonic shows up, then your screwed ^_^
Moneys on eggman
Wilys screwed, Eggmans using his old badniks!!!! When is sega gonna learn and bring these guys back in games?........oh wait..

Umm anyway, if metal sonic appears this is checkmate for team eggman.
If eggmans brought metal sonic with him, this comic is complete xD