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Hmn, what to say about me...

My name's Riley, but you can call me Ru. I'm a 20-year-old full-time college student working towards a degree in photography. I love music, movies, reading, blowing bubbles, fingerpainting, copious amounts of color, laughing, eating, yaoi, and life in general.
This is my first time making a webcomic...or any sort of comic at all. It may not be very professional, or even very good for that matter, but doing it makes me happy and gives me something to work for.
Feel free to contact me with comments, questions, critique, or for no reason at all. I'm very friendly and love meeting new people. ^^

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The others have already said it: yay!
I love your style. It's unique and surreal :)
August 7th, 2010
Thanks! ^^

As for the finger drumming thing, it's true by Cooper's logic. Really, I just thought up an obscure observation that wouldn't make sense to anyone besides Coop. =)

Btw, backwards finger drumming: not easy.
D'awww I'm gonna cry!
August 7th, 2010
Finally got my camera back! I'll actually be able to update again! Sadly, I won't be able to update 4-5 times a week like I used to, as school is starting again. I'll do what I can, *least* twice a week. Thanks for sticking with me through that little dry spell guys. >.<

Also, The character profile page is up! As of now it's only Johnny and Coop, but if you wanna get to know them a little better feel free to check that out...and thanks to Theif King for all her help with those, as well!
Awww, we'll miss your frequent updates. Good luck in school!
This makes my heart hurt just a little.

Gahhhh, I hope if one leaves they both do, I'd hate to see those two split apart!
Shadows on the faces in the second panel look super cool.

I. Love. This. SO MUCH!
Awww they're soooo unbearably cute! ^.^

But I, too, am nervous about the title *.*
Awww, I'm gonna miss these two! And Henry's hairdo XD
*EDIT* Re-uploading this page because either my browser or the server is being stupid and it just wasn't showing up. So...hopefully this works...*EDIT*

Finally done! Yeah, I know I said I'd have it done on the 21st...but it's still the 21st in half of the US! So...that counts for something, right? Yeah? Work with me here.
But yeah, this page took longer than I'd expected. I've seriously been working on it all day. I was waaaay out of my groove. >.<

Also, new banner ^^
Congrats on 400 pages!!!

There has just been an overload of cute in this comic lately. I just hope Richard and Henry's happiness lasts...
Awww, I like Tailin ^^
Aww, first kiss. Too cute! And too funny ^^
D'aw, thanks guys. You should have seen that hand before it was colored. Looked awkward as hell. There's a reason it's a tiny panel. XD

Welp, that's one way to go about attacking a politician.

Also, love the purple eyes.
Oh persistant. Hahaha, but there's just so much to love about him...
Here's the "mildly sexy" filler I promised. Simple and sketchy, but it makes me smile. ^^

See you guys in a couple days!