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Sorry, a little late....
Hey Guys, I know you haven't heard from me in a while. I wanted to apologize for the late page here, the site was being twitchy on my end.

Anyway, only six hours late isn't that bad. Enjoy!
Never heard of it...
Thanks for the heads-up mia. We'll take a look at inkoutbreak. We're always looking for ways to get the word out.
What do you mean by slander, Mary? The newscast or the people in the street...?
And welcome to the first page of Chapter 2!
Welcome back folks! I hope our little interlude didn't throw you too much. But believe me when we say we're going to have quite a fun Chapter 2 planned. So come back every Wednesday for a new page of Blue Yonder!
The End
Aaaaan, that's the end of our interlude. Blue Yonder: Chapter 2 picks up next week. I hope you guys enjoyed our interlude comic. Again, a special shout out to Nicholas Raimo. Without him, this would not have looked as cool.

Thanks to everyone who hung with us through this little break. We're looking forward to presenting the next great Blue Yonder adventure!
Well, please excuse the slight delay there. We are currently in the process of getting Diego back in the pilot seat for later this month, but in the meantime. Nicholas was able to finish this page for us.

When I write comics, I tend to picture the action in my head as a movie. This helps to create a shot which I feel illustrates all that is happeing in this story. I hope you enjoy!
Sorry for the Delay!
Well, I'm on the road, and apparently my blackberry is not equipped to post new pages. Luckily, I was able to find a computer and solid internet connection to get this page you! Please enjoy! The "action" segment of this comic is coming up next!
Nicholas Raimo
we're about half way through "The Frightener" and I just wanted to give another shout out to our interlude artist, Nicholas Raimo ( Please see what else he's been doing. He's been working with some pretty big talent and we're very prouod to have him step in during our hiatus. Diego is on vacation and he'll be back and ready to go in a couple weeks. But for now, I'd like to personally thank Nicholas for devoting so much of his time to help us update twice a week!
Pay no attention...
Well, sunday was a bust. After trying repeatedly to get this online yesterday, I was hampered by a storm and power outage. No matter, please enjoy the forth page of our introduction to the black and white world of Venture City's underbelly in The Frightener!
Page 3
I've always been a fan of the "Detective" batman stories. Sure it's cool to see him get beat up then rise out of the depths to shut down a powerful foe. But being a mystery fan, I love watching the caped crusader actually dip into that "Holmsian" magic from time to time.

Another aspect of Batman that I love is told from when he was a batman monster in the dark underbelly of Gotham. I love watching the criminal's reaction when they first see him. It seems that the current Bat stories don't tap into the mystique anymore.

So with those two ideas in mind, I wrote this story. I decided to work from the prespective of an actual detective following the path of destruction the Frightener cuts before her. you'll notice that I'll keep the title character of this story at arm's length in order to fully realise his almost ethereal presence to the underbelly of Venture city.

I hope my experiment work*. *(Nervous chuckle)
Boom! Sunday Update!
That's right. We just updated twice a week. Whaaaaaa?
First Page of the Frightener!
Greetings everyone and welcome to the first page of the Frightener, interlude! Keep in mind that we'll be following a Wednesday/Sunday schedule starting today, so check back in couple days to see page 2 of this story!
Muddled Gibberish
Now, the great artist we have recruited to fill in some space while Diego is away is named Nicholas Raimo. You can find his website here: ( I would say that he is one of the big "Up and Coming" artists to watch out for. He comes with quite a great resume and it was hard to deny the talent.

As we were in early talks with this project, he warned me that his first concepts for sequentials would be, to quote him, "sketches made by a 3 years old baby." I hope he doesn't mind me saying that, lol. With that in mind, above you will see the concept for the first page so you can see what I'm dealing with. Crazy Genius, or 3 year old baby? You decide.

All joking aside, I can garantee that he is no slouch in the art department and I can't wait to see what you think of his work on my little project.

Please come back next Wednesday for the first page of, The Frightener!
Concept Art: Page 1
Well, Here we are at our first interlude segment, (apologies for the late upload). I'm not sure if this will be a tradition going forward or not, but I like the idea of using these interlude to expand our universe a bit. Sometimes you need tobreak away from your characters in order to recharge the brain cells and "cleanse the palette" as they say.

What you see on this first page is just some character designs we did with our first Interlude peice, The Frightener. There have of course been some modification in the process of building this story, so take these with a grain of salt. But I've always been a fan of seeing concept art and the building process in the back of trade's so you get this as we prepare to launch the interlude next week.

The Frightener is an homage to a lot of different characters. I wanted to do something with a dark, Film Noire feel to offset the colorful world of Blue Yonder.

Let us know what you think!
Hey Skythorn,

This site is sitting on Smackjeeves. If you go to and login, then come back to this website, you should be able to rate the pages.

As a side note, I can't rate my own site, which makes sense, but it limits my understanding of the process a bit. Let me know if you still have issues.
What the...?
So, confession: For whatever reason (It's probably because this is so well written), I'm completely invested in how you are going to completely wreck this guy's life.

Great start!
Drunken Pushups
Okay, seriously, "Drunken Pushups" is the best comment so far. I chuckle everytime I read it. we might have to work that into the comic somewhere. That okay with you Skydron? LOL!
Just incase you were wondering. I think it's when Diego uses a "Painterly" technique that I feel his work really shines. That second panel with Black dog is awesome. (But I'm a little biased... jsut thought I'd throw that out there.)
Rico Suave
It's when Jared is so smooth that our lady readers really respond, lol!
Oooookay. So sometimes we harken through our story similarities to some pretty significant devices. Allow me to introduce you to what I call, "the Battle-Greet".

I've noticed in more than one comic that when two major characters meet for the first time, or if their investigations cross paths for any reason, or if they are having a slow news day...heroes will fight each other in what appears to be a historic tradition of staying fit when NOT in a life threatening, world crushing battle. While I've seen bad uses for this device in almost every medium. For instance, in Wolverine, you can't guest star in that book without being initiated with a three mark scar somewhere on your body. I always thought it would be a refreshing change of pace if someone he didn't know just patted him on the back and said, "What's up?" then he would turn and say something like, "Oh, same ole stuff. My name is Logan by the way. Nice to meet you." Then the other dude would say, "Hey Logan, Name's Eric. Say, big fan of your work with the Avengers..." yada yada.

Instead the requisite "Grrrr, I'm cranky!" "What?!" "Raaaar!" " Oh my God! my eyes!"... yada yada.

The truth here is simply not everyone will be happy with Jared moving into the apartment building. Especially if that someone perceived himself to be the top super in the building. Some "animal kingdom" like territory disputes will take place. We've all seen it, especially if you've just moved to a new school or started a new job somewhere. It just happens, and since it happens in real life, why not have it happen in the comic? Believeability is important right?