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Suspicious!Mika is very attractive. Just thought I'd mention. ;)
I am ignoring the creepy language and the creepier mask/Rosetta stone/CREEPY THING in favor of asking: does Simon have his ears pierced?! Because that's epic.
Wow, Simon is quite the ladies (and Sergio) man! Another fact about Quinton: his hair is awesome.
Wait to redeem yourself, Simon! And Nilus is getting some very useful new vocabulary.
Serious Simon makes me seriously worried.
I don't think Nilus cares about democracy, Sergio.
I don't know how to react to these villains. But I love their outfits.
So naive, Sergio... CPS LOVES vampire uncle vigilantes!
Simon's secondary super-power: making people blush.
Oh, Simon. The Nile ain't just a river in Eqypt. And I will never think of milk the same.
Sergio, if you keep blushing your face will stick like that.
It's okay, Sergio, I can't swim either!
His face breaks my heart. :)
Sergio's face in the last three panels is priceless!
I'M surprised! Julian looks upset. Perhaps he should go visit his glittery friend Edward!
I am rapidly falling in love with Sergio's eye.
I adore Simon. He 's so feisty! Sergio needs a small top hat so he can effectively be the Gentleman's apprentice.
I feel insanely proud for knowing what mijo means.
I want to move Tommy's hair out of his face. Use some bobby pins or something, man!
I cannot freaking believe how adorable you are!
Ahem. I beautiful the art is. That, too.