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I'm a freakish fantasy & roleplaying nerd who plays way too many games, reads way too many webcomics and generally doesn't do anything usefull.
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Just like Sare! She's been brooding for who knows how long but she can't help being empathetic (and curious as always) when she actually meets Laura :)

I can't imagine how Nikki feels about all this though. It might be a little awkward sitting there when she's not really a part of this lovers' triangle. And having had a crush on Sarah for the longest time can't make it easier.
This page has an interesting feeling :) you've created a very creepy atmosphere with the beauty and the finery combined with the haunted look in Lukes eyes.
I love the aesthetics of this comic (even more that Grey Eyes itself) the characters are deep and interesting, the way they interact seems realistic, and you have created so many questions about the setting! Even the romance was worked in masterfully (at least to my tastes) and typically I roll my eyes at romantic plots.

This has raised my respect for you through the roof and I can't wait for more Grey Eyes!
OMG O.O so pretty! So hot!
There's a prequel!? I'll just go and read that now! o.o so much for working on the five deadlines I have this week...
@MistyTang: I bow down to your superior knowledge of most people ;)

I know I'm certainly not that (since I'm not close with family, don't date and... well socially I'm just very adrift) and I can only speak for myself. Being thrown into a world with magic (or anywhere unfamiliar) I would explode with enthusiasm and curiosity! It would take me weeks, maybe months before I would miss home (unless there we're significant horrors to the place or lack of food/water). My only concern would be my dog, if anyone was taking care of her. If I knew she'd be fine I wouldn't even feel guilty about not wanting to go back.

So no, I don't relate at all to someone not curious about something they've never seen before. Someone who wants to return to the mundane. Not without any hint of the reason. I can understand wanting to keep the suspense but I personally think it would improve the story if there was some kind of hint, early on.

Sorry for being such a critic. I contemplated just erasing this message but...
@skyangel: The problem for me wasn't that it was fantasy (that's my favorite genre!) but rather that it was obvious it wasn't the real answer (well it would've been weird if it was the truth as well, in such a long story with no magical elements up to that point) and it still was such a long part of the chapter.

But of course it's your comic and there is no point in trying to work with no motivation in order to do what others expect of you! It breaks my heart to think that SS will come to an end but on the other hand it'll be really interesting what you will start working on next ;)

I didn't know that was an old fashioned name :D (well, I kinda guessed since she told us to call her SJ) Speaking of her, I have a ton of homework I should be working on... ^^' ehem...
This page wasn't much of a surprise for me since I read it on DA and it was what got me interested in this comic :)

I'm really interested to see where the story goes... Your art is stunning, there are many characters that are fascinating but I haven't found much connection with Mike. I think it would improve the pacing and atmosphere of the story if we were shown/told why he wishes to go back home. You haven't given us the vaguest idea what is at stake for him, which makes it hard to relate.

I hope that didn't come off as too critical, it's just that since he is the main character it's a bit problematic... ^^'
Oh wow... it's been ages! I forgot to check back to see if you've continued after your hiatus last year and then basically forgot about SmackJeeves altogether!

I admit I found the supernatural elements of this story line tiresome and it's good to finally be getting at the truth. The art though! Oh my god!

It's really nice to catch up to SS again :) I've missed you!

I just realized! I have an art teacher who's from London whose name is Sarah-Jane! (basically Sarah+Janey!) That's a funny coincidence!
February 23rd, 2016
@Linn: Wayra has happier days ahead, I'm sure, but I have to warn you that this comic will not be all sunshine and rainbows from now on either :S I don't know why I prefer reading stories where things aren't that bad, but I love playing games and writing stories that are at times quite devastating... I hope you'll enjoy nevertheless :)
February 23rd, 2016
@Linn: I'm glad you think so :P he's one of my favorites of all the characters I've made up since I was a kid. He started out as some kind of idealized fantasy version of myself ^_^'
February 18th, 2016
@skyangel: I don't know why I love the idea so much but I really want a pet moose! :D At least I can live vicariously through my characters ^^'
February 18th, 2016
This took me much longer to produce than I thought it would but now it's finally done!

Good god, Wayra, don't you ever smile! It's such a beautiful day and you look thunderous... Well perhaps not but definitely worried :P
February 10th, 2016
So that's it for the first chapter. I'm so glad to get the story moving again! I'm very thankful to anyone who bothers to read my comic and especially to Skyangel and Joolita :) you two always make my day!
February 8th, 2016
@joolita: Not all that regular I'm afraid ^^' I'm still trying to get my life back together after some serious mold related health problems... And my dog seems to have decided that whenever I feel like drawing I should play with her instead :P
February 7th, 2016
@skyangel: Thank you! Wayra has been the name of several rpg characters of mine :D I found it on a list of native american names as a teenager and it felt right resurrecting it for this character.
January 30th, 2016
Names! we finally have names :D
Rough translation of the Wanderer's spell: Blood freely flowing washes away the rot and flesh cleansed from evil stitches itself together, stronger, healthier than it ever was.
@skyangel: Thanks Skye! I personally like stories with a lot of background where things aren't overtly explained, but rather you have to piece things together over time so that's what I'm trying to build. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking too long to get to the actual story-line, but I'm having too much fun writing the early interactions with the Wanderer and Rat girl. I hope I'll manage to keep you hooked ;)
I'm still on Nikkis side :) Come on Sarah! She's so sweet and undemanding and reliable. How can you not fall in love with her!