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PFFFFT. I play the flute and enjoy anime, manga, video games and reading. I think there will be a zombie apocalypse. That's all.
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Calling others worthless is quite rude.
You're amazing! I love how the mother isn't suspicious at all.
FLASHLIGHT! NOOO! ...Oh, and Gabi. Yeah, I'm worried about her too.
Why do I sense heartbreak in Thomas' future? ;-;
Those wings are beautiful.
She's a doctor, so I'm inclined to trust her. And WHOA. EMOTIONS.
I feel very suspicious about this..."Nurse", if that IS her real profession.
THOSE EMOTIONS. The look on Reilly's face...I enjoy it.
I really love this comic, I'm just never sure what to comment. That said, your art has improved even more and the plot is fascinating.
I do well. That's a lovely 'L' you have there.
April 15th, 2012
Hello, there. I'm a reader. I enjoy this comic. Yes.
Hold it! Is that apathy on Atty's face?
March 18th, 2012
That's why, after reading what was out in the manga, I only watched it with English subtitles.
That poetry...It has touched my soul. And my cardiac muscle. Should I get that checked out by a doctor? I'm sad now, though.
But... bow ties are cool!
@Seraphinu: Ah, I see someone beat me to the Star Trek reference. Nicely done. It seems Atty realizes his true fate! ...OR he just wants to beat Kahn.