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Hmm...I hate to write in english! ( always wrong;__; ) of with friends XD AWww! AND manga..Love to draw manga, love to read manga, and love anime!! Wooaaahhh! Yeah, and I really like Arinas mangas!! Her mangas are so cute^-^
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waaah! Can`t wait to se moooooore^^
Wahh! Is it him? Is it him!! Have to read mooore! *click the next button*
November 9th, 2006
Niiiiiiik! Whyyyy!! ;____________;
Ohh! I just have to smile!! Ohh! so cuuute! I think this is MUCH bether than the original Cinederella ^____^
Go ashes, GO!! You can do it ashes!!! Iaah! New page today to^^
Kawaiiiiiii boy!!!!!! Can`t wait, can`t wait XD
This is just the cutes story ever!! I Can`t wait for cinderella!! *next button*
S-so-soooo cuuuuuuuute XO Ohhh! Cute cute cute cute cute cuuuuuuuute!!!
hahahaha! All the pages are funny! I alomst cried! OMg! So fuuunnnyyy! :O Can`t wait for the next paaaage!