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I AM.. Chima. XD I'd list things about myself I've asked of my wonderful friends for thiisss buuuutttt~ I'm lazy as hell. So you can just read below ((like.. I dunno how old ><)) and be happeh.
Things I LIKE :: drawing, writing, reading, sleeping (hon, it's an ART), listening to music... writing fanfictions, cats, Pockie Ninja >:3, chatting, milk <3, chocolate (mai weaknesss D:), Watermelon Arziona Ice Tea, things? owo
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I guess, as I'm looking on this, that it's time to say goodbye to Oryan, Jack, and Serj. I don't know, I just wanted to draw their cute little faces one last time. ;v;
This is officially the last of my Nekoi thing. *salute*
Thank you for the page. ouo
Ahaha. I'm glad there are other people out there who won't give up because of lack of tablets, ect. owo I hope this collab isn't doomed! c:
Ohwowguise. I was looking back on my original picture... And realized I put NOTHING about 'ol Nin here. OTL
So yeah.. Feel free to let the stones fly now.
This was made using a scanner and track pad. I think I did pretty well with my limited resources.
Name: Nin
Age: 17
Weight/Height: 109 lbs /5' 9"
Grade: 11th
Position: Switch/Uke
Nin was afraid of humans as a young pokémon but when he was captured by a young trainer by the name of Dune, he grew to accept humans. After traveling with Dune, he was later given to the trainer's grandfather to make use of his ghostly abilities to help the old man. After many years in his care, he died and left Nin to the scientists to look after. He became "human" soon after.
...I think this collab died ;A;
If this is over a random woman, imagine if someone threatened Kaito. o.o
Pwn'd >:D
Since I'm the dork who posts late, can I go after Kiku-chan?
That I'm so late with posting my character ;A;. My tablet broke and then some family problems arose. So finally, ((after forever and a few)) when the storyline for this is probably already progressed... I present Nin. >>
I second hitting her with a flying monkey. And Kaden. >:\ For being too thick-headed.
@twisted-smiley: Maybe use a marker or pen... Thanks! ^^
Sorry about the EXTREMELY fail page. ; ; I drew this, like, three days ago but never go around to uploading it :x
I don't have a (working) tablet like all of you lovelies out there, but I am pretty damn good with photo editing, so here's little Louvette (Loh-veht). Feiryn is pronounced Fayryn and just to warn you, from now on my posts will be scanned on ; ;. Nice to meet you all! :D
The sad part-to me-is that he would've lasted longer than me. :x I FAIL at running and would be dead by now.
I doubt many of you even remember this fic XD It has died, apparently ; ;

Anyone see the mask on the sign? *spoiler comment >:D* *rants about Atty's heartlessness*
Lol~ Why not? Oryan would sure love one...
I'm a very Jack drawing mood. And 'I'm a Sexy Beast' made me put Dally, Pri-pri, and Yumi-chan
@Shticky I knoww~
@VampireFlower *blushes* >///> Thanks~
Heyo All
Sorry about the crappy quality, my tablet is shot to hell right now (I think at least XD) and I wanted to post tooo =3=. Enjoy the Pimpin'ness.