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I love all of the character designs in this. <3 The plot is really amazing, too.~
But, like, I really like that second panel <3
December 25th, 2012
Oh, yay. I've been choooseen. <3

And, oh my, this page is just beautiful and gorgeous. ;w; Am I the only person that thinks red pretty much accents everything really well? xD
Marquis Naberius <3
November 14th, 2012
Wow, he actually looked surprised and daunted there for a second! xD We should put that in the record books. And I see what you did there with that number. ;D 666 followers would be amazing.

Anyhow, I love the effects in this page, as always. I love how you tinted the panels with a little red to get that interesting visual effect. The glass looks really nice, and I really love how you captured the perspective! Magnificent job you did here, as always.
October 11th, 2012
Pfff, New York's way too far away from my state. :C Besides, I have school as well. OTL
But yay, you updated on my birthday! xD What a coincidence.
I absolutely adore the expressions you use. You get the personality quite direct with the emotions you use in this page. Not to mention the beautiful colouring. <3
September 9th, 2012
Fuuu Yay, another page. <33
I'd be interested in buying the chapter one book, but I don't know quite yet. xD
I love the lighting in the panels, by the way. It makes the page seem so serene.~
Yay for the classic hiding in closets! xD
Good old Amnesia-style hiding~
I know how you feel. x'D It got into the 100s here, and then my air conditioner broke. Oh, the agony. ;w;
Ah, crap. I wonder how they're going to get out of this. x'D
This is a gorgeous page, as always.~ I love your style. <3
I wonder how this will turn out. xD And t'is okay.~ owo I hope everything gets better for you. <3
That thing is adorable. ;w; I wanna pet it! xD
Well, it's a good thing you feel better.~ I haven't had a stomachache in a while, but I still know how bad those can get. xD Also, this is a very nice cover.~
I really like the design of the "boss lady." xD She has some pretty cool shoes.
That smile is so sexy. euo
And yay, an update.~ <3
@Kokkoii-Matoku: I think Violet is Kai's master. xD
Why yes, yes it is. <3 You're welcome.~
Whenever you see Void, you know it is an inevitable doom. 8D
Good job on this page.~
I'm glad to know some people think school comes first. Tch, I can barely see that in my school. D:< Half the kids don't care.
I love the...aloof expression about "eating souls." xD
Dialogue was not put on this page:
1st panel: Come on!
2nd panel: -No dialogue-
3rd panel: Sliken's going to be ticked off once he sees you up there!
4th panel: Oh, please! That lazy tail won't come to save his life!