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I draw sh*t :U
so pretty~ ;3;
omgg >//A//< i never expected that! Q//w//Q <33333 keep up the good work!
LOLL omgg XD

dude if you mind...
talk about the one when
the girl gets harrased by some type of group
and OUT OF NOWHERE the guy simultaneously
comes to the rescue? uhhh sorry i
just get annoyed at that certain aspect >w<;;;
I like were this is going *u*

FFFksdfjg lhf
kjhfk its getting juicyyyy ~ WOOT dramamaaa~<3333 loveloveloveit~!
dude im getting such a kick out
of this srsly <333
WOOT updatess Q//w//Q fff i love
the racoon >w< SO CUTE AND PLUMP <3
keep up the good work QwQ/
omgg QAQ i love how dramatic you made it >w< "stopped" really got to me >w</ keep up the good work!
dfkjljksdfkljsdfjljsdl I really love it so farr!! >////w///< MOARRR<3
fdghdfh gi love this storyyy <3<3<3 sdfjk;sdla >///A///<
I love your cell shading <3
AWWWWW~<3 i really like this comiccc *^* FFFF<3<3<3 moreee<3<3 omg don't blame me when i ship those two *////w///* don't understand this is like MY CHILDHOODdsjghkjfshlkjgshdlkgjkfg