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Call me Kiki. I like to have fun hang out with friends and do some sort of art activity. ( as in sculpting or drawing) I'm very easy going. and a True NERD at heart i play games on major systems. and well i am a big fan in Anime... sad i know but i love it.
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    Kiki Lafler
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It's the colorful socks I tell you COLORFUL SOCKS!!
January 27th, 2011
Ughhh XD
Sorry it took so long, I was kind of in a comic block.
Yes Iron. yes we do XD
Holy goodness! :D Looking awesome!!!!!!
December 26th, 2010
this is so intense. O_o
Smile!!! it went from me wanting to cry to me making a weird noise that even my puppy looked at me funny.
This going in such a cute direction! ^w^ it makes me just wanna hug my three legged cat mew mew!
Why do you make me love this so much WHY!
I love this so far!! Cant wait to read more and more!!!
new comic....Masked
Sooo everyone im making another comic called Masked go a head and check it out.... Link:
Hey everyone i'm holding a contest for moon body here's the link to the info and the rules and prizes. ( )
I love this so far.. Ugh im hooked!