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whoaaaaaaaaa man
Holy fuckballs, Batman! There are some serious assholes here! My initial reaction: WHOA only $2 to support a great artist I admire? Awesome! After viewing the comments ... well, there goes a little more faith in humanity.

1) she's not forcing anyone to pay for anything 2) Petty's updates are infrequent, yeah, but she's an awesome artist and if you had respect for her (or yourself for that matter), you wouldn't be such a royal prick to her. 3) it's two dollars. Two dollars. Two. Dollars. I'm poor as shit but it felt like frickin' Christmas morning when I read that.

Sorry you had to walk into a shitstorm, Petty. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of your fans understand what you really intended. Now please excuse me while I enjoy all that extra content.
@Miles Hikari: Oh god, now that you mention it, that's making me paranoid that someone's going to die in the gym battle ;n;
Happy freaking birthday :D

Holy crap I love Atty's face xD

Aww he's cute :3 Your gijinkas are always so good!
O_O WHOA DAMN. Poor Clay... Good luck with medical school! <3
"I just want to use Dragonthing."

Meanwhile, Pikachu's nature has changed to "Depressed!"

And that gaddamn Jigglypuff is freaking me out.
I can picture Atty chucking DT at sandslash's head.
Holy craaap Mimi and Jordan are so ADORABLE.
I was so upset for like. A minute. And then realized what day it was. And expected that the link was to the trollface... Close enough xD
So this is comics look after taking LSD. I love it.
Gutripper is adorable!

... so it's probably going to die a bloody, gory death somehow.
Oh god, this is so full of win. I would have loved it if George sang xD
Congrats! :D You earned it! <3
O_o are all those other Pokeballs in her bag empty? Or is George breaking PokeLaw and carrying more than 6 at a time?
Happy belated birthday :D You lucky duck, going to Japan~
asdhfgwiebf UPDATE, YESSSSS

I loved it xD Broseph's such a bamfff.And the way you illustrated the battle was so cool~
This looks awesome! Your style has improved so much, it's amazing. My god though, in color, Atty's sweater is hideous xD
Pfffff, "Geoff." And it's so like Atty to dodge so many questions. This was awesome xD

Though I would love it even more if DT would answer my question/request: Draw a picture? :3
A question for DT~ Could you draw me a picture? :3