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Okay before I leave for good I'll quickly post this!
and the making off video here:

i made the lines in march but didn't like the color by now so I remade it : P
here the comparison r-of-ktj
And here goes Mimi
See you guys in July!
take care and have a great June!
last page of this chapter!
I'll upload a new character profile tomorrow and then I'll be off til the end of the month, sorry!
see you guys in july!
@jonasfx: caugh caugh 15-16 lmao
but it's still more or less realistic to have such boobs at that age.......... believe me.........................

the first program is called Paint Tool SAI
one more page to goooooo! ´ v `
I finally managed to record the process of how I make a page! ´ q `
if you're interested watch it here:

thank you guys for all the comments and all in all thanks for reading! ♥♥
finally a new character appearsssssss!
ahhh new pages!
new .....hands!!
i'm happy you guys're still with me!
I'll upload the chapter rather fast now because I had some time to plan ahead u v u
yeeeey Arisu's launch without pigtails!!
Fudo, you're such a maso........ hmmmmmmm
ahh sorry for the longer breaks ; v ;|||
i'm a little busy with commissions and other stuff and yeahh ; V ;
but I'll keep coming back I promise haahaha~
-rustle rustle

@3o-s-knight : aaaaaaaaaah thank you aaah @///A///@ /faints

@cres0055 : thank you very very much ; v ; it's so unbelievably nice to hear something eek > v <

@Quatrue: heheh yeah they were! but they were also a lot of fun ; > thank you!
April 11th, 2013
noooooooooodontsaythatlookatthatdogandhercutelashes ; u ;
Do you know what was more exhausting than the tattoos?
this page is really poor on backgrounds T v T ;;;;
aaaaaaaand we're up to date!!
from now on it will always take a while til I upload something, sorry haha :'>
I hope you'll still enjoy it
sorry guys! I was gone for two weeks because of some uni application stuff and other things and

@Last: if you mean the pages I do them in SAI and add the screentones and letter them in PS : >
I really love the idea with the colors!!! this looks really awesome * _ *
and their reaction to the 80ies bar idea, I love that panel!
I'm really curious what Blake has in mind... in his.. drunk mind......? sigh
2 more pages and we'll be up to daaaaate!

do you guys even notice all those style changes sob