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Hey there! Call me Misty. (No relation to the red-headed Gym leader XD). I adore Pokemon and Pokemon fan comics and hope to actually make a few successful ones of my own. I also might do one or two for the Warriors series by Erin Hunter (where my name came from), and a few random ones. I hope you like my comics!
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July 20th, 2010
July 17th, 2010

I love this comic<3
Ooh, I love this :D Your style is so cute, and those tones on their suits are to die for c: Admittedly, Sebastian/Grell isn't my FAVORITE pairing, but you're making me warm up to it a little bit :) I look forward to more! ^^
Whoot! Go, Mack, go! :D
Yay, the brushes worked :'D So now we switch from our sad Mudkip to a sad Meowth...If you can't tell, his Trainer is towering over him. ._. Tried to make the shading look like that but I'm not sure if I did it right ^^;
Aaah, I love this<3 The art, characterization, layout, spelling and grammar - everything about this comic is amazing!<33 Please keep updating!
gangsta!Golen is gangsta. yo.
Oh my God, I want to hug that Plusle<33

Keep this up, I love it :D
ffffffff well I learned THAT the hard way.
note to self: NEVER. EVER. EVER. Do a sketch in MS Paint, then try to fix it up in GIMP. All sense of opacity will be lost to the program.

As in, I couldn't even make speech bubbles or shading. And that is also why the grass is shit.

My God, I hate this page.
;-; poor Suicune </3
I don't know why this page took me as long as it did...And don't worry, they'll stop being full pages soon, I promise.
you don't want to know what i misinterpreted those sound effects as at fist...xDDD
comments to comments<3
locoroco1: trainer talkin' :3

SnakeKing: No, they do not leik teh mudkipz :< so sad, mudkipz are awesome </3

pinepawstagcat: PINEY<333 and yes, poor little mudkip 3:
I think this is the most dynamic shading I've done in the history of forever. o.o
Whoo, cover page! I have to tell you, I've had the idea for this comic for a really long time, but I never got around to actually drawing anything for it until I visited here ^^ Thank you, SmackJeeves, for simply existing x3
Wow, I just read this entire comic in one day, and I love it! Great story, great characters, and I just love your style<3 It reminds me of an anime sort of style mixed with Butch Hartman :D