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Holla holla get dolla
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In which my rogue got slightly possessed and thoroughly worried her unscrupulous doctor
AU where Martin and only Martin has a gun, and it's not explained at all
Early Fourth Era Twil steals a text post from tumblr and pisses off the Dark Brotherhood.
Passive Intimidation
Based on a vine.
As I'm sure you can tell by "Year Three", this is from 2017, when the release of the housing system turned me into a candle-obsessed PTA mom named Karen.
We were in combat with 5 players, 3 or 4 friendly NPCs, and about 40 zombies, and I was in Calculus 2, so I decided to do some studying while I waited.
In which my rogue gained and lost a girlfriend within the span of exactly one second.
Much Later Comics may or may not be back, but I decided to scan and edit what I had done!
Those faceless dark elves that charge you in Morrowind are completely naked, y’know. Todd Howard’s closed-minded system won’t show you the full truth.

from 2016
From mid 2016
From mid 2016.
Another true story.
Everyone's favorite (no one's favorite) Angry Evil Gay takes a stand