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Another true story.
Everyone's favorite (no one's favorite) Angry Evil Gay takes a stand

Devoid Of Jokes Comics
Oh my goodness this is a huge mess and mega late but I don't even care anymore it's DONE

Link's not very smart
This page is a huge incoherent mess but it's done and that's okay
I spent way longer than I needed to on a comic and dragged the joke out so long I ended up making myself sad: the comic

Based on a true story and inspired by one of my favorite TF2 comics ever.

So I switched computers about halfway through drawing this, and once I had reinstalled Photoshopto finish coloring, it decided it had a problem with the square brush I used for the majority of this strip. It would work just fine for 5 seconds to 20 minutes of me using the brush, and then it would suddenly freeze up the entire program, losing all my progress and forcing me to restart the program and start over. It was just this brush too. Not any of the other custom brushes that I don't like as much. So, approximately 5,523 crashes and restarts and 5 different copies of the PSD file later, here we are.

I still can't draw babies or Khajiit, I have no idea why I did both at once