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I am a Zoologist, because fuck yeah, Science. Also I was too shit at maths to do Physics. The Universe and the creatures that have evolved within it are my primary fascination.

Visit me at DeviantArt to see more art, find out more, or whatever, smiley face :)

Indeed, thank you very much - to you and the chaps :) Honestly, this was a quite wonderful chapter.
Holy Shit. An antagonist.
Absolutely stunning. Really love this.
@JammyScribbler - Thank you very much :)
@Mimi - Hope you haven't been there too often XD

This page is almost, almost designed quite well.
Placeholder while I do other things for a few weeks :3 Ok fanks
Perhaps this sort of behaviour rings true to you (lets face it, you're a person reading comics on the internet, so of course it will).

If so, here's my advice - Pulling an endearing face doesn't make you endearing. Just like sellotaping Chicken wings to your face doesn't make you Katie Price.
Looks good :) And it still reads well, 'cause even though its wordy they're on different levels of narrative - main dialogue, background dialogue, monologue. So yeah, very nicely done :D
A little something just to prove that I can actually draw. Sometimes.

This is Ingrid as she will appear later during a house party. So stick around to fap to that.
Haha how schizophrenic does this shit look?

Quite a bit of swearing you may notice. So, you know, don't show this page to your Mum. It'll break her heart.
Sorry for writing this like a troll :) Back to the action in a bit.

When it comes to this page, I'm about as satisfied as Susan Boyle's gynaecologist. But I wanted to upload it early before I destroyed it with editing, smiley face.
An Ode to the Universe
So, this is Infinity. It's a story about finding one's own answers to the big questions in life. I suppose it's also a love story.

Once I've set the scene and introduced you to our bewildered heroes, I'll try to make you laugh as well :)
Yes, he looks bang tidy :)

Does the name come from them 'Pretty Green' lyrics as well?
I think that blonde bird from Two Pints of Lager and Gavin and Stacey is called Sheridan... and whenever I see her now, I shall recall that rabbit in the headlights look that Jason has :)

As spiffing as I'd expected, this page in particular has a magnificent layout. Lovely lovely lovely.
oh lawd... look at that liquid. so bloody difficult to draw. an you done it bootifully ;)

my favourite part is the stain rings you've put on. very nice touch :)
Yeah... it's a bit depressing really.
Nubots... turning buildings into craters since 2037.
Thump?! I need to work on that...

You can't really notice it, but I drew at least three willies on that graffiti wall.
Oh noes! Not the Pisces Conference Centre! :(
Creeeak? What was I thinking?

Anyway, it is not a well known statistic, not a particularly pleasing one, that 'Oh' and 'shit' were Rosari Souzoushu's last words.
It occurs to me, you won't know what Nubots are yet. In Layman's terms... they mess your sh*t up.