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She's beautiful.
This is the face which haunts him which is mentioned in the opening pages. I've spent the last week reading the entire graphic novel again to be certain that I understand the next few pages. This is the work that started me to reading webcomics. It's still the best that I've seen, ten years later. Michelle is awesome.
Looking back at the beginning, there is one more face that comes to haunt Peter. I have a bad feeling about this.
Happy Anniversary! with hopes for many more.
Thanks for this beautiful comic.
Your art reminds me of the very expressive minimalism of the 20th century great comic artists, but they didn't dare to tackle the issues that you do.
Awesome new page. Glad things are going well for you.
Thanks for these beautiful new pages.
The friend whose girlfriend he fucked?

He could have asked about Peter, Michelle, or anyone else and probably made better conversation. At this point "shameless hussy" seems pretty mild.
Everyone has lost Wylie and the band.
Peter has lost his roommate and friend, Patrick for at least a long time in a very bad way.
His friend, Christo, came between his friends Andy and Melanie, not that it was entirely his fault; he bore plenty of blame.
Also Michelle is gone, for reasons unclear and painful.
Now Peter's job and childhood friend implode on him.
Did I forget anything? Probably.

I'm afraid to ask if it can get any worse.
Kara is a pretty amazing character. Does anyone remember that Andy cheated on her in highschool?
Can't these guys just quit sniping and make out? They don't have to get naked on the first date, but a little affection and support would really help them get along with each other.
Nemo is unbelievably cute. This art style seems a little different. I like it.

Good luck with school.
You'll have that paper twenty years from now and realize that no boyfriend before him had ever put that much thought into anything and it's why you're still with him.
Awesome to have you back.
The colours are incredibly beautiful. They seem so real and human. It even gives their characters more depth.
February 26th, 2018
Yes, he's still mad.
I'm just glad that he came back.
This is confusing.
It looked like Michelle was gone when Lauren got there. Now we find out that she made Lauren promise to keep her whereabouts a secret and she wants Lauren to get isome stuff to "Sally Ann." Who is Sally Ann?

This brings up a few issues. I realize that with all the intimate stuff that I know about Michelle, I don't know what she studied at the University, if she has siblings, or if she was considering grad school. Was she more likely to run to Las Vegas or Yale? She put up a Vegas image, but I recently have suspected that she was harboring a Yale intellect. I do hope that she will stay in touch with Lauren.
February 10th, 2018
This comic is beautifully drawn and well written. I certainly understand if you feel the need to make changes to it. You need to be happy with your own work, but what you've done so far is really awesome.

Thanks for sharing it with us here. I really look forward to seeing more of your work whenever you can get it done.
Crow and Nemo take care of each other and fix food for each other. It's obvious that they love each other. They haven't said it, but when they think about it they will know.

Whatever is about to happen, I will bet that they come through it together.

Thanks for the multiple pages. They are really well done.
Thanks for sharing your comic and your life with us. Lately I have been sick with the flu and feeling depressed also. Having some online stuff to follow has helped me feel better.

I'm much older than you and most of your readers, born in 1952, so I'm often surprised how much we have in common. I'm male and have been married to a man for four years. I live in Mississippi, where I grew up, but have lived in major cities, Seattle and New York.
Your artwork is really beautiful. I love minimalism, and your work expresses so much with the simplest lines. That takes tremendous work as well as talent.