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@Neneko1993: probably more than one. Hank should just get over himself and ask, but I think it won't be that easy for him.

Gavin, who needs it even worse than Hank, should have a stroke from the frustration.
The plot thickens.
In order to have a plot, there must be conflict. I hope we can eventually see Hank kicking this guy's ass.

His smirk and swagger are beautifully illustrated.
Thank you, Hank! You're disgusting, too.
@Neneko1993: My favorite is light with no sugar, but I'll drink it just about any way it's handed to me.

Your work is an amazing fusion of art, dialog, and humor. You convey their physical attraction with a subtle but unmistakable smoulder while Hank's attitude makes his desperate need to get laid obvious through his comments about mundane details.
The present
My guess would be that she's had some time to heal, opened her own business and gotten it established for about a year.

There won't be a better time for you, Peter. Michelle is always a long shot, but you can't miss this chance, because you're still alive.
Sounds like good news. The batchelorette party with Michelle, Peter and Kara might be difficult. Ordinary people would be awkward. They are far from ordinary. It would be awesome or terrifying.
She's beautiful.
This is the face which haunts him which is mentioned in the opening pages. I've spent the last week reading the entire graphic novel again to be certain that I understand the next few pages. This is the work that started me to reading webcomics. It's still the best that I've seen, ten years later. Michelle is awesome.
Looking back at the beginning, there is one more face that comes to haunt Peter. I have a bad feeling about this.
Happy Anniversary! with hopes for many more.
Thanks for this beautiful comic.
Your art reminds me of the very expressive minimalism of the 20th century great comic artists, but they didn't dare to tackle the issues that you do.
Awesome new page. Glad things are going well for you.
Thanks for these beautiful new pages.
The friend whose girlfriend he fucked?

He could have asked about Peter, Michelle, or anyone else and probably made better conversation. At this point "shameless hussy" seems pretty mild.
Everyone has lost Wylie and the band.
Peter has lost his roommate and friend, Patrick for at least a long time in a very bad way.
His friend, Christo, came between his friends Andy and Melanie, not that it was entirely his fault; he bore plenty of blame.
Also Michelle is gone, for reasons unclear and painful.
Now Peter's job and childhood friend implode on him.
Did I forget anything? Probably.

I'm afraid to ask if it can get any worse.
Kara is a pretty amazing character. Does anyone remember that Andy cheated on her in highschool?
Can't these guys just quit sniping and make out? They don't have to get naked on the first date, but a little affection and support would really help them get along with each other.
Nemo is unbelievably cute. This art style seems a little different. I like it.

Good luck with school.
You'll have that paper twenty years from now and realize that no boyfriend before him had ever put that much thought into anything and it's why you're still with him.
Awesome to have you back.
The colours are incredibly beautiful. They seem so real and human. It even gives their characters more depth.