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Nice to see Charlie again.
Your artwork is amazing. The details in the carpets, bookshelves, and architecture must take hours. Even more amazing are the subtle yet powerful facial expressions.

I hope he asks him to spend the night, even if they aren't ready to have sex.
July 19th, 2017
@SoulRaider116: You don't sound condescending to me, just analytical. I still believe James was out of line starting with "Hey, punk." That would have been just as cruel to shame a girl with Scott or any other type of pair.
July 19th, 2017
@Yaa: Yes, that's true. His reaction and laughing were understandable. As I mentioned, if he had stopped on the page before this when he said "I'm done.", it was okay.

The comments starting with " Hey, punk," about the just-had-sex look and inside out shirt were out of line.
July 18th, 2017
If James had stopped on the last page when he said "I'm done.", his laughing might have been understandable. Now that he continues to taunt them while they are clearly upset, he really needs to get hit by a truck. He deserves to die a virgin.
Trust me Joa!
Take it slow; breathe. You're doing this for him now, but once you get usued to it, you'll think it's awesome!

My husband is big, too. You're in the best position to get started; prep helps; practice with something small helps; being in love with him helps tremendously.
Beautiful artwork!
The fight scenes aren't my favorite, but I have been noticing how the artwork keeps getting better. I love your minimalist style, even in the architecture, and how well you convey their emotions.
Crow is so awesome!
It would be better to see him make love rather than war, but if those ugly mugs are stupid enough to make feathers fly, my money is on Crow.
Kim, pissed?
@boiseboo: Kim is always pissed at Kylee, but is also always reasonable with people like Wes. Maybe someone will realize it's time to make a move.

Am I the only one who thinks Wes should bang the bookkeeper guy?
This page is awesome, because it's real. Memorize it. It will happen to you, and now you have some idea of what to say.
I love this comic! I don't know why I haven't found it sooner.

I can feel compassion and empathy for every character. The writing is really brilliant, with both pathos and comedy. Thanks so much for making it available.
April 7th, 2017
Hope you get to feeling better. Sounds like you had some kind of surgery or dental work.

Sincere gratitude to the friend, K, who got us the update so we didn't have to go into withdrawal seizures. The hair and food look especially awesome. The attitudes come through really well, also. Please let us know when more of their artwork is visible online.
C'mon Brynn. Tell him that you're scared and angry and terrified that something might happen to him, but you really love him and want him to be okay.

The extended angry silence will hurt both of you.
This is certainly a powerful image. It's packing beauty, stance, religion, mystery and a few forces that I haven't seen yet, besides the obvious firearm. I'm compelled to look at it again.
The Lions Gate
It doesn't look like he will survive this. Early on Peter had a thought something like "when Wiley did what he did" and it looks like that's what's coming.

Is that the Lions Gate? It does look awfully cold from here.
@Hally : Seeing them smile is better than seeing them naked.
In spite of his shit, I'm starting to like Jake. He has guts. I think as soon as he gets a clue, he will grab his new man and hold on through whatever it takes.
1) This violence is not random; he's been warned, and it's a response to sexual harrassment of a loved one, even if she wants to ignore it.
2) My husband would do that if someone tried to manipulate me that way. I'd try to get him out of the situation quietly, but if he got the attention of security or the law, I'd back him up. He's done it for me.
3) Anytime anyone throws a punch or brandishes a weapon, it has MJIs. It's like juggling dynamite.

Douchebag is flattery to Rick, but you're really wise to apply a dispassionate point of view. We need to apply social mores universially.

Gawd, I love this comic, too. It has such subtle, yet vast complications, that it's just downright real.
@Jeffko: Was just looking at cameos and totally missed both of her appearances until you mentioned it.

Trying to catch a glance while i should be working. Drinking and PoY should be kept seperate from work. They are much too important to let work interfere.
Luke is a beautiful dog. As soon as he tastes Joa's blood, he'll understand.

Also, this is a beautiful page. Ighon is right about the ponytail. The artwork and the plot conflict are well executed.