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He must understand. He said that you could keep wearing the shirt.
That question, aromantic or a romantic? Not really. He's a smart guy, he will catch on soon. I shouldn't rant.

He's clever. Don't rant...

... ... Oh, f**k, Doug! You are a romantic! You are not aromantic! I can prove it. You are wearing his shirt! You are wearing his shirt that doesn't quite fit the way you want and it feels good, doesn't it??!! I know this because I do it, too. I love to wear my husband's clothes. They feel good... ... I guess this rant is over.
Surprised that Patrick is the top, wearing the condom, worrying about "tearing."

Other than that, just impending doom,
He really does care about "Just fuck me" Drake. I was hoping that there was someone better in his future. James deserves better than cheating on Drake's girlfriend to relieve the pain.

Everyone has a good side. James has seen Drake's and I haven't. If Drake lives, we will see how the plot unfolds.
October 31st, 2017
A whole new plot line!
This looks exciting. I know three of them from scene one.

I hope Keahi will take Akimitsu's invitation.
Happy Birthday
and many, many more. I will certainly recommend this masterpiece, the best of all the ones I have seen on the internet.

Today you helped me understand why I set a few fires years ago. I'm glad that I was always careful to try to avoid burning bridges, even if they later collapsed from neglect.
October 13th, 2017
@Torii: C'mon, she's his mom. She may not say anything, but I'm betting that she notices as soon as she turns around.
We've seen so much tragedy. I just hope that butch can hold on to Kara and make her happy, or at least not lonely while she heals.
I'm super excited now, too. I'm on the road visiting family and didn't get to see this until just now. I really enjoy your drawing and writing.
Are you feeling better? Did you know that chicken soup really does help?

It looks like there is only one bed in the house where Nemo and Crow live. Do they sleep there together?

Are there more major characters coming?
Thanks for asking for input. Above all, please take care of your health first. I really enjoy your artwork and look forward to seeing you develop as an artist. Knowing which artists influenced you would be nice.

Background info on the characters would be really interesting.
This one is especially severe and unpredictable. Be smart and get somewhere safe. All of you are in my prayers along with my family in Florida.
Thanks for checking in and for all the awesome work on this comic. I'm glad you've decided to build a buffer of pages and keep updating without putting yourself under duress. I do miss reading, but that's insignificant. You are generous to share your work and your perspective. You have taught me a lot.
September 2nd, 2017
These are scary people. The whole page shows one friendly face, and he looks like he's trigger happy right now. I love your artwork, even when you draw the seamy side of life.
August 24th, 2017
Reuben didn't hear it, but saying it out loud is a huge move forward for Crush. Now that he realizes how he feels, I hope he will be able to start healing.
Raydin looks like the hotter version of Drake. Drake is getting pity sex from James which keeps him alive. If Raydin ever needs it, James will find it a lot easier.
Nice to see Charlie again.
Your artwork is amazing. The details in the carpets, bookshelves, and architecture must take hours. Even more amazing are the subtle yet powerful facial expressions.

I hope he asks him to spend the night, even if they aren't ready to have sex.
July 19th, 2017
@SoulRaider116: You don't sound condescending to me, just analytical. I still believe James was out of line starting with "Hey, punk." That would have been just as cruel to shame a girl with Scott or any other type of pair.
July 19th, 2017
@Yaa: Yes, that's true. His reaction and laughing were understandable. As I mentioned, if he had stopped on the page before this when he said "I'm done.", it was okay.

The comments starting with " Hey, punk," about the just-had-sex look and inside out shirt were out of line.