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DO all of my nights have to end with catching up in a good comic?? I want to not be done reading it! I honestly can't wait for the next update.
Of course THAT's the day they have a lesson on Freudian slips, haha.
I know it's real, but seriously, the double standard on homosexuality is dumb. Girl/girl = hell yes, boy/boy = hell no... There's a lot wrong with high school and I'm glad I'm done with it.
There is so much second-hand embarrassment in this comic. I love it.
And, third time through, first time recognizing this! Ahahahaha fear the power of MSPA~
no but that sprite is adorable.
This is at least my third time reading through to catch up, and I think Lemon and Lime are still my favorite characters.
Merry sicky Christmas, everyone. I wasn't doing too well this morning. Then the painkillers took effect. Presents!

Sorry I haven't been doing too well with this comic. I've had a rough while. But now I have a tablet again! This does not mean digital art, necessarily. This does not even necessarily mean art. Catatonic might -- note, MIGHT -- be going on hiatus again. But maybe not.
December 1st, 2012
A watch? Who says you wear a watch? Who says it's an important part of your design? Who says I never draw it? Ever?
I'm terrible at doing things right.
Hahaha no I ate too much and slept too little. You know that feeling when you look over the clock after hours of tossing and turning and it says 5:31 AM? Well, I do, anyway. It's not a fun feeling.
OTP dreams, dashed to pieces X3
I have been waiting for this chance for ages now.
I should think those expressions are rather obvious.
So yeah! Oz knows! Sorry for a lack of comic last week.
I have no excuse.
At all.
My scanner won't show the careful details I put in there. Oh well.
Wow. Seriously guys. Every time I look it seems like there's one more of you.
Don't forget, if you're on DeviantART, you can follow Catatonic here!
Do you like the first panel's effect?! I love it! My markers turn into watercolor!
Oh, right, that.
That thing Ozy had never seen before.

Sorry for lack of update yesterday! I was at a convention. :3
Also, it's in crayon because markers are dumb and they die. Stupid light brown being the MOST USED MARKER EVER.
Jayna with wings... Heaven help them.

@CowgirlEm: I've been telling you "you shall see" a lot lately... In reality though, you won't for a while :D You gave me an interesting idea for a storyline!
And then she started glowing... Honestly, Jayna. What are we going to do with you?
I really like how the glowing effect came out though!

Yeah, I know it's technically Sunday. Oh well.

@CowgirlEm: Oh, you shall see. You shall see.... muahahahahaha
@Minerva: Aw, thank you! New page now though! And yeah, she got a haircut... it's around her waist now... it's just so fun to draw... Consistency is not one of my consistencies.
Aw, don't tell me this is canceled... It would make me sad. The main character seems very interesting :(
Because whispering loudly isn't the most suspicious thing anyone can do ever.
There you go, pikacha! More shipping fodder for you. Have ridiculous amounts of fun.

@CowgirlEm: Oh look, more shippers. XD
September 23rd, 2012
Jayna is like me in at least one way: she pays almost no attention to her surroundings.
Really busy week guys! Sorry! I had fifteen hours in one place that was not my home yesterday.