Real Name: Kitty (Katrien Rogarde)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Web Site: http://werekitty13.deviantart.com/

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Hi! I'm Kitty. I'm sixteen, I'm a girl, I am LDS (aka Mormon; my comics will not swear), and I am rather obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

That's all you really need to know.

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Comment on Christmas 2012 of Catatonic
werekitty13, 25 Dec 2012
Merry sicky Christmas, everyone. I wasn't doing too well this morning. Then the painkillers took effect. Presents!

Sorry I haven't been doing too well with this comic. I've had a rough while. But now I have a tablet again! This does not mean digital art, necessarily. This does not even necessarily mean art. Catatonic might -- note, MIGHT -- be going on hiatus again. But maybe not.
Comment on Watch of Catatonic
werekitty13, 01 Dec 2012
A watch? Who says you wear a watch? Who says it's an important part of your design? Who says I never draw it? Ever?
I'm terrible at doing things right.
Comment on Happy Thanksgiving! of Catatonic
werekitty13, 22 Nov 2012
Hahaha no I ate too much and slept too little. You know that feeling when you look over the clock after hours of tossing and turning and it says 5:31 AM? Well, I do, anyway. It's not a fun feeling.
Comment on Insecurities of Catatonic
werekitty13, 18 Nov 2012
OTP dreams, dashed to pieces X3
I have been waiting for this chance for ages now.
Comment on Hard to Read of Catatonic
werekitty13, 09 Nov 2012
I should think those expressions are rather obvious.
So yeah! Oz knows! Sorry for a lack of comic last week.
I have no excuse.
At all.
Comment on Happy Halloween! of Catatonic
werekitty13, 09 Nov 2012
My scanner won't show the careful details I put in there. Oh well.
Comment on Thanks for 30+ Fans! of Catatonic
werekitty13, 22 Oct 2012
Wow. Seriously guys. Every time I look it seems like there's one more of you.
Don't forget, if you're on DeviantART, you can follow Catatonic here!
Comment on Pyromaniac of Catatonic
werekitty13, 22 Oct 2012
Do you like the first panel's effect?! I love it! My markers turn into watercolor!
Comment on Princess of Catatonic
werekitty13, 22 Oct 2012
Oh, right, that.
That thing Ozy had never seen before.

Sorry for lack of update yesterday! I was at a convention. :3
Also, it's in crayon because markers are dumb and they die. Stupid light brown being the MOST USED MARKER EVER.
Comment on Best Day of Catatonic
werekitty13, 13 Oct 2012
Jayna with wings... Heaven help them.

@CowgirlEm: I've been telling you "you shall see" a lot lately... In reality though, you won't for a while :D You gave me an interesting idea for a storyline!

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