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I really enjoy to draw, And I keep developing as time goes by. I love to find new sources of inspiration and show the world my work so far. I can honestly admit that I'm an anime/manga addict, And I'd love to make a GOOD webcomic someday.
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December 12th, 2010
ohman I just got to ask D: Is this drawn digitally og traditionally ? 8D

It's effin' beautiful !
I relly love your artwork ! It's so neat, and it reminds me of shirow miwa's art : D

It's relly great, can't wait to see more <3
I liked the ending, but NO D:
I want it to continue forever !! D:

and I miss metis :C
September 19th, 2010
Next page is the last : C
August 9th, 2010
Vacation's a bitch : C I was dragged into the middle of nowhere during this summer weeks, with zero chance of updating : CCC

Kahei and Fèin wish you all a great summer
I'm loving your updates.. <3
unbalanced page is unbalanced.
hahah the last panels made me laugh XD
"It's the last day of production"
"..yeah ?"
" yeah. "

ohgod I laughed so hard at the last panel XDD
I just love this <3
I can't do other than to tell you I LOVE YOUR COMIC D:
your art is so.... wonderful.
SO talented ! D:
Love your art style <333
I just got to say, I fell in love with your comic at first page. Even though I just found it yesterday, I can't wait for more to come !
I've been inspired alot by lyrical books and short stories, so I wanted to have a "lyrics-flow" feel over it : )

And the whole comic is already finished, but I will be posting the second chapter in smaller bits, like that it won't be so much at once, and maybe people will wait for more : )
thankyouthankyou :D