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    Bailey Anne Neely
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Wow, your art is stunning. I'm most definitely looking forward to this comic. :)
... That wasn't what I expected. xD
Taka's Seme Again
Give his seme long hair that he ties up a lot. That's unlike Shiratori or Haru's cousin. xD
Ta-chan's Seme
A perfect Taka seme would be someone so flaming, you really wouldn't expect him to be the seme for anyone. He'd be extremely fruity, wear long pink-and-blue polka-dotted scarves even when it's summer, and buy any pink shirt he can find. But, when he's alone with Taka, he becomes a bit sadistic and undergoes a complete personality change. 8D
...Makes me wonder if my brother does this with his roommate.
I'm really looking forward to this comic. Your artwork is amazing. :D
I'm in love with this. Update soon? :D
Oh my god, I love this comic! I'm stalking it now. Your art is amazing. x)
Your art is always so lovely! You do an amazing job every page and I love reading everything. However, I think the past two stories have lost the previous seriousness MYth demonstrated in the "My Seasons" writing and art. That isn't to say it isn't wonderful, just that it may have a less powerful effect as the first one.

Or maybe it's because I'm in love with your version of Hades. x)
I am now stalking you. 8D