I probably should have updated this a while ago...

I've got a bunch of hobbies. Currently dying in nursing school, but I do a bunch of stuff as hobbies.
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omg does that say 38.1 or 38.7?? there's a biiiiig difference
local birb boy in love with bird nerd, unsure how to process feelings
A little explanation to how their world "works"

but really who makes a sailor fuku PLAID

(i do that's who)
aka Chiyo's fall into shoujo hell
Yamada Chiyo! She hates this.

Also she did Megumi a spook. Not cool.
The first page!
the next page is probably not what you're expecting

(or maybe it is, depending on how terribly predictably i am)
This is loosely based off that Tumblr thing where the main character doesn't want to be a main character.
Happy birthday! I hope it's as awesome as you are for making this comic (which is pretty darn awesome)!
Gannet honey all that blood rush isn't for a few feathers
Wife...? Oooooh, I wonder how she feels about Mic's new boy. (Hopefully not too negatively.)

back then, bird could also mean a girl. It's basically the old way of saying "chick" to mean a girl.
So cute! And it's easy to tell who's who~
I get excited every time I read this like

I want to see theeeeeeeeeeem
Your art style is so adorable!
*facepalm* I am so stupid for realizing just now, but Jake's the guy in the picture Karol had the last time Kaito and Shuno were over! He's the wildside boyfriend!

Oh, Kaito... You are your own kind of special, child.
You are so pretty! Only a year in and you are lookin' fabulous!
Ahh, we finally see them all together and in color!

But seriously, what happened to Karol? She find a new beau or something?
@angelperez: Maybe... you remembered my comment about calling him Papa John Lennon...? *shot?* I can dream. XD