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Watch it be Amy kissing him that does the trick.
At least it helped Amy get up the stairs, though I can only imagine how Amy's gonna react to this when she comes to.
Lava Reef, here we come!
Better get your volcanic gear out guys. You're gonna need it for what's coming next.

BTW, lava reef's my favorite zone.
If this is what I think, those three will have to move fast before they get crushed by the rising sand.
Dag gum it! You beat me to the joke line! Oh well. Can't win them all I guess.
This sure brings back what happened, twice. *I can't remember if it happened at Ice Cap zone, but definitely Launch Base zone*
Dear Candy
A better way of asking that question would've been "HK, do you have a virus?!" because droids don't get "sick" the way we do. The closest thing to a droid getting sick is if a virus got into their systems.
Candy and Runt: Where'd you get HK from?

HK-47: Before you knew Candy and Runt, what did you do for a living? Before you ask about the "living" part, I know you're a droid, I'm just curious about what you did to pass time before being employed by Runt and Candy.
I'm sure that, before this comic ends, Runt and Candy, and their crew, become freelancers for the Brits.
At least she knows how she can use her power for good, and who knows, maybe Cassandra can get the other witch to reveal the Holy Grail's location to them so they can save Runt.
Called it!
I had a feeling this was gonna happen.
It's gonna be one of those that just falls apart like a sand castle.
If you ask me, I'd say "he's just doing it for the lols."
Enter Sandtopolis,..., or whatever the next stage was.
Is this gonna be a "let's see how long we can hold on without falling some 10,000 feet down bellow" situation?
At first, I thought Baldy McNosehair was referring to Ash Ketchum for a moment. Either way, I can see the next issue being Sonic, Tails, and Amy taunting McNosehair by playing "mock the flawed technology" and going "nyah nyah nyah-nyah nyah!" *FYI, the dash means, that the two are said faster than the others, just so you know what I'm going for*
Maybe instead, you should tell them to keep moving forward,..., or you'll pull on them what you did to them *minus Amy* back at Hydrocity. *a.k.a., the "failure to communicate" scenario*
I have a feeling that she's gonna say something like "Sonic, you owe me a date after we finish this comic for defeating that robot,..., on my own." I mean, I can understand why she'd flop like that after defeating the droid. I would do the same after completing one of the hardest space missions in Star Wars The Old Republic.

BTW, nice to see an update, especially the first one of the year. Welcome back.
New crew mate
So the training dummy is now part of the crew, eh? At least it can pilot the ship day and night, since it won't need to eat or sleep.