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You know, I just realized that, since the penalty vote lasts for two tribals, unless Sunflower wins Immunity, Angel, Whitney and Claus can all vote for her, and get her out 4-3.

Also, how long has it been since I posted a comment. I think my last one was early SFC7. O.O

EDIT: Maybe I should real all the comments from the last comic before I post a theory, considering that it got debunked by SWSU. Oh well.
Hmm, this comic really reminds me of the F3 Immunity from Pearl Islands. Ker is Lil, mocking the Fairplay (Wrecker), because she knows she'll win the challenge, and take him out, and keep the more dangerous F2 competitor, Sandra (Phil). So, now I guess I'm with Tailsgod in rooting for Phil, but with a reason (and the fact that, for me, he's the most bearable of the F5).
Well, now that the TC is about to happen, I think that it's a perfect time to talk about my predictions for the rest of the season.

Quadratic- 5th- I think that he will lose the tie, mostly because, compared to his opponent in the tiebreaker, he's played out. Wrecker still hasn't been called out for crossing the Survivor Moral Event Horizon, which will probably happen at the FTC. So, bye bye kitty. Nice knowin' ya.

Dinah- 4th- Yeah, I know, why is Dinah in 4th? A tie at the D38 TC. 2Dinah, 2Ker.Ker wins, bye Dinah. Kinda crazy, but Wrecker needs to be called out, and the leader of the super 4 needs to be in the FTC for an anti-Ker possibility.

Wrecker- 3rd- Now, Wrecker crossed the MEH, and still hasn't really been punished for it. (2 penalty votes doesn't really count, and you know it.) Thus, a troll treatment at the FTC will probably do it. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch the HvV FTC.)

Phil- 2nd- Now, honestly, Phil is the only person in this F5 that hasn't annoyed me in some way, and I'm personally wanting him to win. However, it doesn't really seem plausible. He just doesn't seem to be the one that would win. However, if there's a surprise F2 FTC, he'll win it handily.

Ker- 1st- Jeez, I don't like Cloud Coocoolanders very much, and she has a house there next to Gate's, but she is the only one left the really has a chance. She has a perfect underdog story, endured a lot, and, to top it off, no one on the Jury has any real reason to vote against her at the FTC, besides Tribal Lines, and they didn't seem to be important in Ponderosa. But still, the 2nd best winner I could ask for, given the circumstances. (namely, that Krauss was voted out at the last TC)

Also, I just noticed I hadn't commented much on this season. Oh well.
Alright, I'll bite.

Betty- 5 (She jest never appealed to me)
Bo- 3 (Who?)
Chloe- 2 (Sycophant, but pre-game interest bumps her up)
Chrii- 6 (has potential, now)
Derek- 7 (Good theory, but too many figured it out too fast)
Dinah- 6 (Barely seen anything, but good for an occasional laugh)
Driz- 3 (Don't see the love)
Jasen- 10 (Best thing to come out of Twilight. Ever.)
Ker- 7 (Funny, but somewhat unappealing)
Krauss- 10 (More like a mixed Fairplay. Really like)
Lauren- 10 (Another name for the "People the Troll screwed out of a great showing" list.)
Manya- 4 (Too OTTN for me.)
Phil- 5 (Never appealed to me)
Quadratic- 9 (Hilarious)
Riddle- 5 (Glad he went first, he was already getting annoying)
Ryuia- 1 (Sycophant, and with no redeeming qualities)
Skazzatrazz- 6 (Completly for unveiling the Troll. Otherwise a 2)
Ventious- 4 (too MS for me, even if he doesn't want the attention.)
Wrecker- 8 (Someone give him more bombs!)

Winner Pick: Krauss (Wow. I'm glad he did a heel-face turn. This season would be unbearable otherwise. All the others I liked left early.)
@ Everyone
Hey, you guys keep partying, I'll get the piƱata.

*Walks out with a rope and a roll of ducktape*
I don't think Mike and Will will appreciate K^2 invading Chilltown. But still, completely appropriate.
I agree with Vilecheese, SEND THE TROLL HOME!!!! (Although I'm getting the feeling that your saving him for 1st Jury)
I'm thinking that her plan is to mobilize the rest of the tribe against Ryuia, so as to vote her out, and leave Ventious no other choice.
OK, Ventious just shot up in my book. Although he really should have knocked the mask off. Would've been a fun TC then.
He had better get James'ed with that idol. It would be absoultly epic, and funny. Also, it'd be exactly what that a**hat deserves.

Also, Quadratic did suprise me. Coming in, I didn't think I'd like him, but I actually do. Derek did the same thing, but for the exact opposite reason. (I thought I'd like him, but I don't)
Go Skazz! Ruin Russell's game!
How the bloody HELL did he get in? I thought I escaped that f***er after HvV! Now I have to endure that a**hat for ANOTHER season!

*The rest of the message is unintelligible*
Will the pair of you (George and TS) please at least stop acting like dumba**es and be civil? Or at least take it to PMs'?
WOO! I thought she'd win since I started actively posting (only because Vinnie had been eliminated prior to that), but it's still nice to be vindicated with a great winner that I actually wanted to win.
Well, Good news, Bad news.

Good News- Only 1 more 2AM Night

Bad News- SFC:AS is ending tomorrow :(
First off, I'd have loved to see that FTC IRL, it would've been epic.

Secondly, I am now 100% confident that Bitsy wins, either 5-4 or 6-3. I'm assuming an explanation is in order.
Sin- Kala- Directly stated
Al- Bitsy- Got a good answer from Bitsy, gameplay vote.
Hogan-Bitsy- Showed nothing but disdain for Kala's "Game", gameplay vote.
Violet- Kala- Directly stated.
Popper- ???- I can't get any read off him. Reason for variance in results prediction.
Joe- Bitsy- Facial reactions on Joe's face during answers. (Frown while Kala answered)
Norman- Bitsy- Sub par answer from Kala, gameplay vote.
Lucky- Bitsy- Again, facial reactions. (smile at the end of Bitsy's answer)
Wendy- Kala- Directly stated

Finally, sorry about the Wall of Text, but perhaps it'll work this time.

Now I won't be pissed at the winner, guaranteed. I won't be happy unless Bitsy wins, but at least the Barney has left.
Bitsy, be the backstabber we all know you are, backstab Wendy, and secure your win!
Oh, I guess I didn't remembet that. Thanks. LordViking.
It wouldn't be easy, but Bitsy could win over Wendy. Hogan and Joe are almost definitely going to vote on ganeplay, Al will be able to ignore the blindside enough to vote for the "best", and Norman will probably vote for her too. Finally, whoever votes Kala out will not get her vote (they made a really stupid move, after all), which gives Bitsy the five votes for a win. Unless Bitsy is taken out at three, I'm going to say she wins a very close vote.