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Making webcomics.
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I just remembered my fav joke to ever exist is coming up yeee
Gettin back into the comic making yaaay :)

Thank you everyone who continues to read my comic! You guys are great!



@WhiteTigerCubMia: Sanders and his manly throws. :)
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: I know, Jock hasnt been hurt yet it feels odd. And I'm good! Just busy with work at Nickelodeon. I havent had much free time for comics. How are you doing? :)
The guy standing by his car is the best part haha

Hes so like 'huh thats interesting'
I'm going to try to push myself to do more pages more often, so hopefully there will be more updates soon!

Thank you everyone for continuing to read this silly little comic and for the kind comments (I'm at lunch for work so I will have to reply to them later)!! :)
And it only took me half a year to update this...
Sorry about not updating for so long I'm crazy busy and when I get home from work I've just been to tired to make pages. I will try to get better about it!

Thank you everyone for reading, you guys are so great! :')
Sorry about the late update, I was busy getting work together for an interview earlier this week.

Thank you all for reading my silly little comic and PLEASE CHECK OUT THE FAN WORKS SECTION! It's been updated with BEAUTIFUL fan art by the always lovely CHOCOPICA! MUCH LOVE TO YOU DARLING AND THANK YOU AGAIN!! <3


@kingdomhearts: Hhaha, everything is always Jock's fault. XD
@LoliMiyoko: Sanders will save the day! And shhhh dont worry im broke too :'O
@TheMaskedPrince: That is true! They should check under the pillows!
@Subaru (Guest): Everything is Jock's fault haha. And oh jeez getting cursed. Im not sure why they are so calm around a ghost I mean-- XD
@Tooth (Guest): Sanders favoritism! :O! And haha, Sanders is a strange creature
@Stranger (Guest): They should go out and shake a tin can at ppl until they get the money :)
@Pikkles: Maybe the cloud came out of Sanders head, materializing just from his own willpower or...something... AND WHATEVER IM LIKE DATING HALF YOUR FRIENDS NOW WHOS THE EMBARRASSING ONE wait
@MrMonochromatic: OH MY GOD hahaha!
@WhiteTigerCubMia: Adults are basically just awkward, self conscious children haha
Hey everyone!
Thanks for reading my silly little comic, you guys are the best of the best like wow B)


@Halogen: FFF-- thank you! I love yours too! (I need to comment oh jeez ;A; ) <3
@snowblinded: Haha! I was gunna have it be ten cents but I couldn't resist B)
@kingdomhearts: awww I missed you mwah mwah! <3 Ahhh haha. I should do a Jock expression sheet! What a fun idea! :D
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: haha! It only took me like 5 years to figure out a way to sneak the title in. XD And Jock is so dumb there is no hope for him :'O
@Subaru (Guest): Haha! The mating call of the Sanders is a very interesting one! :'D <3 And ohhhh I see! I forgot to watch this weeks oops!
@Tooth (Guest): I'm not actually sure XD;;
@Pikkles: Sanders is a mystery wrapped in a purple mystery. And NO I CANT MAKE YOU A SAMMICH WHAT YOU THINK WE RICH ENOUGH TO OWN BREAD??? GAWD! D:<
@M.Yuu: Jock is so dumb omg
How are you all? :)

Thank you for reading my silly little comic! I love ya guys!


@NeuroticSoulGobbler: Oh good, I was scared it was eaten by the internet haha and aw, yeah I can see Payton becoming new boss after her dadddy :')
@WhiteTigerCubMia: Haha, this might be the first time they ever actually collect taxes!
@M.Yuu: The rock knows all. D: It watches Jock sleep at night
@Aranaxius: Just like her father, he would be so proud :')
@Pikkles: Oh, I see. I'm a mom and cant figure out the facebook machine gosh darn it you kids and your computers! :'O
@Subaru (Guest): Hhaha! Oh South Park... Well, I dont have to watch it now cause I live in Cali but I still like it. I liked the new episode, it felt more like the older ones? I dunno, it was kind of nice Did you see it? :)
@Stranger (Guest): Jock and Sanders have as much of a sentimental moment as they can. :'D I like your narration!
How are all of you? :)

Thank you for reading my comic, you guys are super swell!


@snowblinded: Hhaha, I should make those inspirational posters except have them feature Sanders. :)
@Mio_Chouseki: It's a bit of give and take, I guess. :'O
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: Hi! Hi Hi! I really hope my reply got to you!! <3 Im doing ok, thanks! I hope you are doing well!
@Blue Rose: I am doing well, thanks! I hope life is treating you well! :) And haha, she is the boss' daughter, after all!
@Hikaru (Guest): Hhaa, I wonder if Sanders means anything he says. :'D And yeeeaaa, poor Payton had to become the group leader so quickly :O
@Forbidden_Requiem: She's the boss' daughter, after all!
@Brian (Guest): Hhaha, thank you!
@Tooth: Thanks! I'm glad you like him!
@redleaveshavefallen: And I love you! Thank you so much for the lovely comment, my dear! <3
@Pikkles: Child, where have you been?! Me and Becca have been worried parents! :'O How are you???
Oh jeez, sorry for the late update!
From now on I will try to update more often!

Thank you for reading my comic, you guys are great! :'O


@Annabeld: She sure did!
@snowblinded: His life can only go downhill from here, haha.
@Alex_nightmare: Being punished for something he didn't do yet, poor guy. :'O
@Twinkel13: YOU are perfect! ;D
@kingdomhearts: Awww sorry for taking so long with my updates! I'm glad you still like the comic, thank you! <3
@Tooth: Pffff-- haha, Jock thinking.
@AlexisBeeMeow: Awww, thank you! I'm pretty sure slapstick is the lowest form of comedy so being more entertaining than this comic is pretty easy. It's a low bar haha. (Your comic is lovely shhh)
@meerodi: Jock needs to think about his almost actions and their almost consequences!
@LoliMiyoko: OMG haha, that image in my head is too good XD
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: Poor Jock is doomed to a life without love or compassion. D:
@Forbidden_Requiem: Hopefully this time I really am! :'O
@WhiteTigerCubMia: I enjoy making Jock suffer, hehehhh. The possibilities for the future are endless! :')
@Stranger (Guest): No nonsense, Jock! There is work to be done!
@Subaru (Guest): Hahah, Jock always gets the short end of the stick. And of course! I grew up in Colorado it's like law that we watch South Park, haha
@kittycatcupcakes: awww! Thank you so much! <3
@M.Yuu: I'm gunna have the rock poop on the apartment carpet and Jock is like 'GO GIVE IT TO THE SHELTER ITS NOT POTTY TRAINED' and Sanders is like 'no please i love him'
Uhhhhggggg Hi guys
Sorry for the late update, I'm really behind. :(
I just am so exhausted and tired all the time I can't do anything but lay around and sleep when I get home from work.

Thank you for reading and sticking with this comic, you guys are really sweet!


@caramelapplecomics: Totally! It was so beautiful and you have such amazing talent! :D <3
@LoliMiyoko: They should listen to Payton more, things might actually get done, haha!
@snowblinded: She's so wise for a child. :'D haha, poor Jock!
@WhiteTigerCubMia: Do it, Jock! Do ittttt!!! :O
@Knuckles The Echinda: PFFFFFF---!!
@kingdomhearts: Thank you so very much! Jock's face is my favorite thing to draw :'D
@TheMaskedPrince: Oh wow, noble 6? Tell him congrats! He's quite accomplished! :')
@Tooth (Guest): Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy the faces, haha! <3
@Hikaru (Guest): She's super mom in this page, haha! and oh gosh I have no idea XD;; surprise me! :D <3
@Stranger (Guest): haha! Omg Paytons way or the highway! :'D
@Subaru (Guest): FFFF--- omg. I love south park!
@MrMonochromatic: She sure can! :')
@Dudekcm321: Jock is playing with fire, here! I'm glad you are doing well! And haha, I'm ok, just tired and overworked ahhh-- And thanks! I hope you like the game if you can get it working, haha! :')
@xborders: It probably became an otter or something? Im not sure. :O In this reality Sanders has it in his creeper van.
Hey everyone!
So I just moved into a new apt! Yaaay! Also I will try to get the ext page out as soon as possible!

Please check out the fanart section! It has been updated thanks to the ever so talented missangeleve with beautiful fanart of Jock and Sanders!! :D <3

Also thanks everyone for reading! You are amazing!


@Blue Rose: Me either! It must not be! D:
@LoliMiyoko: Oh yes, AC is the best! :) And nooo Paytooonnnnnn! D:
@kingdomhearts: Let me know what you think of the game if you play! And thank you, you are so sweet! :D <3
@snowblinded: Double taxed! XD Hhaha, they barely ever actually get the tax money to begin with :'D
@WhiteTigerCubMia: It must be a fraud! Just like her tax payment history! :O
@meerodi: She fought courageously with Belinda for the throne! But Belinda like, eats rattlesnakes so she had no chance of winning. D:
@Annabeld: Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! :D <3
@G.H.S.T: Thank you! Let me know what you think of the game if you play it! :D <3
@Tooth (Guest): Hhaha! I love that you say that even though Sanders' face never changes XD!! And Yes, Payton went out in glory! <3
@Stranger (Guest): She probably died fighting with Belinda for the throne! Poor Payton! :O
@Cloud-Kitsune: She certainly is! She's a ghost, oooohohohoooooooooo :O
@TheMaskedPrince: Omg, that is too adorable. Tell him I said he is too cool for school! and that Halo is super duper awesome! :'D
@Subaru (Guest): Awww thank you! And yes! Payton is not having that future!! D:
@Hikaru (Guest): Haha, of course I do! And oh jeez, that would be amazing! XD
Hi! Thanks for playing my game! I sent you a message to help you get through that part, please let me know if it either doesn't send or if you need assistance with anything else. Thanks again! :)
Hi I got your message, I'm not sure I understand but I will try to help. In the folder there should be a red icon. If you double click it the game will start. I hope that helps! Sorry for the inconvenience I hope it works for you!

Thank you for showing an interest in my game, it means a lot to me! :) <3
Let me know if any more problems arise!
Thank you guys! I will send you PMs to reply to your comments :)
Poor Danny. What kind of awful friend would eat all their friends food? I ASK YOU, WHO?! Just disgusting! D:
Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't uploaded a comic in like, two years. I felt awful about it and decided to just turn the entire story into a free video game. I know it's not what you wanted but I hope it will be alright with some of you.
You can download it here if you want to play it :D

Thanks for sticking with me and this story! Love you all to bits! <3
Hey everyone!
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy working on a video game. (It's finished now, yaaaay! You can get the link to it here if you are interested in playing it: )

Thanks everyone for reading my silly little comic, you guys are the coolest cats around! B)


@Aranaxius: I wish we were all cats :'D and thank you so very much! It makes me so happy that you like my comic! <33
@TheMaskedPrince: Oh my goodness, an eight year old fan ahhh! That is so awesome! Tell him thank you for reading my comic and tell him he's my favorite reader. :'D
@kingdomhearts: No more questions, time for answers! :O And Im feeling better, thank you! <3
@LoliMiyoko: Yes, that is true! California is a cruel mistress! D: And I'm feeling great now, thank you! I hope you are well as well! :)
@Tooth: Sanders would like to thank all the little people he's stepped on over the years to get this award! :'D
@iceimpress: Dont we all want to be cats :'D And I'm feeling much better, thank you! <3
@Hikaru (Guest): OMG you can!? It always amazes me that you can make jock faces, they are always so perfect! :'D
@fluffybunny714: She IS going to ask a very important question, you are right! :D
@Subaru (Guest): Hhaha, of course it's Jock and Payton who call out the weirdness XD And yessss I just love all fruitloop and downbeat characters <33
@kittycatcupcakes: djgndfg I LOVE YOU! Thank you! :'D
@Stranger (Guest): I am, thank you! :D And oh goodness, you are just too sweet to me! <3
@Dudekcm321: Awwww!! That is the sweetest message, I am so glad to hear from you again! How are you doing, dear? I hope you are well! <3 (And I'm better now. I fell off the top bunk bed and cut my head open a few days ago but thats life for ya.) Thank you as always for your kind words! <333
Uhhggg. I feel like poop.
I've somehow caught a cold (in spring time in California how does that even happen) and it became a full out sickness. Not that me being sick has anything to do with anything, I just want to complain, haha.

Anyway! Thank you everyone for reading my silly little comic! :)


@snowblinded: Yes, exactly! There is a child in the room after all! O:
@Tooth: Haha, that's good cause he never really says yes. :')
@Kazu-chan: Jock dont want nothing to do with this future non-sense. XD
@Subaru (Guest): My readers would have to go to therepy if the future vision went on any longer, I think XD And I love Madre too, shes so funny. XD
@Annabeld: Awww hahaa, thank you so much! Transitions are so difficult for me. :'D
@kingdomhearts: Secret theories! Awwww It makes me so happy that you like my comic!! :D Thank you so much for reading!
@Stranger (Guest): Exactly. Poor baby Payton <3
@tangyskittles: Hecks yes, changing the futureee! :D And um. I will let you imagine when he got the shorts cause my brain's leaking out my nose and I cant think of anything XD;;
@Twinkel13: I don't know, I should cause I wrote it but I dont. XD;;
@Purple-Spyder: Nothing says all American boy like a 'hot stuff' T-shirt and a lizard girl under yer arm. ;)
@Forbidden_Requiem: You read it all in one night! Wow, thank you so much for reading! That's so cool of you! I'm so glad you like it! :)
@fluffybunny714: Jock just beams up into a spaceship and goes back to his home planet. XD
@Hikaru (Guest): Haha! The idea that a lizard is dating Jock for his shorts it so sad and so funny to me XD
@MrMonochromatic: She's snug as a bug :)
@M.Yuu: I CAN'T HELP MYSELF ITS A PROBLEM. And Jock has those little fat pouches girls have under their tummy. What's the deal with that, Jock?! D:<
Doop doop doop
Thank you everyone for reading this comic! You are so radical, bro! ;)


@fluffybunny714: Sanders! What have you done, mister!? Somehow nothing ever ends well in this comic, haha.
@snowblinded: I wonder what a lizard freak out would look like. XD
@TheMaskedPrince: Run, Sanders! RUUUUNNN!! :O
@Subaru (Guest): Yeah, he's a lizard lover, that Jock. XD And pffffffff-- Sanders WOULD try to talk his way out of this even though he lacks basic social skills. XD And aww, I like Downbeat/Fruitloop too. There are some really funny moments in her chapter later with them. I can't wait till the pages are out. <3 And She said Fruitloop is based loosely on a couple of people she use to know, but she exaggerated their personality traits. XD
@kingdomhearts: Lay that theory on me, my friend! (FFFFFFFFFF---BEAUTIFUL ART FROM YOU?! THAT IS A DREAM COME TRUE!! -a poem by me) NO SERIOUSLY THOUGH IM SO EXCITED! :'D <333333
@ChizuPloo: I don't, I was just kidding around! It's hard to tell when it's typed though. Sorry for making you worry! :')
@LoliMiyoko: Oh jeez. Sanders is a wife killer D: And I was just kidding, I didn't mean to make people worry. XD;;
@Tooth: You'd think he would know better, haha. Sanders you idiot. XD
@Knuckles The Echinda: Scooby Doo, the light of my life~
@Hikaru (Guest): Roger that! ;D And PFFFFFFFF--omg. I can't stop laughing! XDD
@Kazu-chan: Thank you so much for reading the comic and for your kind words, Kazu! It reall means a lot to me! :D <3
@Stranger (Guest): Haha, I cut out the fun part! What's wrong with me?! :'D
@M.Yuu: Well maybe you should get a tailor, GABY. Jock's gunna have a beer belly by the time he's 30. O: