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What the heck am I suppose to do with this Cambodian currency you gave me.
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July 29th, 2011
oh 8D is it myna?cooool
Sometimes I think if I weren't so lazy I could edit those out.
Hmm seems okay to me. Here's the link in case you're still having problems though.
whoops almost forgot
Kitsune2cute: Yes, you most definitely are mad.
idon'tknowszz: Odd and also even.
xxlifeangelxx: tq.
ice---tea: Careful your mouth can fall off from too much smiling.
vbfrap: I am but a "too" aren't I. :<
Emilee0The0Strange: oh.
M.Yuu: ehehe..
Zeromotion: It is the comic that is in lesbians w/you
is watch this:
Urusai Hana: tq
Shoji-Moon: get some new pants bro
DeathRider: I change it almost everyday. A little sad don't you think.
Secrets: oh.
look at these kids staying up so late tsk.
ice---tea: reading this in a library huh;;;
ColorsLikeEmotions: :33
JamCookie: Now I'm watching Heartstrings. Ya'll can't stop me.
NotaDamsel: hehehe
LoveIsPossible: the next update is tomorrow SOBBING
animegirl457: YES OH GOD jk no. :c
Secrets: more on the way.
onenightbutterfly: she is?
You are not at all sorry that you have not updated for 6 whole months
since every time you come back
apologizing was all you did
however you would like to finish this sad a excuse for a comic
so here goes nothing u-u;;
ahgbjsa oh darnit I missed the anniversary ;u; and I didn't finish your present yet either LOL procrastination on full
agfshva so much freckles on this page! do love<3
my eyes ARE bleeding
DarkArtistSkye: This comic isn't worth comment virginity but thank you ;~;<3
Secret: yaaay*U*/<33333
The bunnies were actually because 2011 is Year of the rabbit
but perceive it as you wish~ lol lD
aw time to start drawing this again :c
(I took an extra week off cause I was watching Secret Garden okaaaay;AAAAAA;)blame the dramas.
January 10th, 2011
I hope he doesn't get scolded for being injured <:'''I
Star Seraph: aw ;u;<3Raz is a jerk is all;;
Thank you, I won't give up either<3 *v*

YuuganaruKyoujin: thanks! hopefully I'll be updating more now~
I warned you bout style change!
now it's just...
my normal manga style;;OTL
too lazy to change 1st two pgs though

The protagonist seems to be quite the pussy I didn't mean to make him that way lol.0v0
Freeloading replies
DarkArtistSkye47:AYGH My bad my bad. ;A;
NotaDamsel: He is huh. :0
Shizukasora1(Guest):I hope it continues. ;;
sheepsgobaaa: eUe ahgsjab yes craig is soft rofl
JamcCookie:hee ooh good lol I thought making Kenny silent wouldn't be a problem but it's difficult to express his feelings ;;XD thnx!
kiwi yang(Guest):and he writes fast >u<
barbiegirls2:hee thank you.
It's not really a break I have finals next week;;
I'll be gone for a week including the reminder of this week~
Thanks for reading thus far<333 c':
hehe it's funny I never thank at the 400 mark or 100 mark ;;lD
always 397
or 97.
next is 597!yeahright.