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A woman that loves video games & cats. Mostly cats.
Owns 10. She loves 'em a lot.
November 26th, 2011
WOAH!!! That's way too sudden!!! This is getting suspicious~
It was clearly an accident...
She doesn't have to get so pissed... Damn He even saved your life!!! It was a F*CK*N horde of angry beedrills, what else could have he done? wait for their death??!! Yeah, right, it got out of hands but hell, you're alive....

Geez that lass has a serious problem on her head...
November 24th, 2011
WHA... ?

Gossh Oliver didn't use his power on Mister E, didn't he?!

This suden confession... (Cuz i don't think this is it just a friendship gift)
I hoped you would keep showing fluffy moments whit those two or something....

Now I'm worried... are going to finish this comic soon???!!!! I don't want it to end!!! D:
AWESOME!!! QD!8-bit version!!! altough its a shame te whole things its upside down...
December 8th, 2010
First of all... I'm a frickin' coraxeric fan xD

I always have this feeling that eric doesn't really like the club at all...
Maybe he was forced to join, not like Cora's case wich was encouraged by his mom...
and I don't know about you people but how did eric know that cora wanted to join club love? I mean he just poped out of nowhere and recruited her, at first I tough "wow lucky cora! he just passed by you and hear your solo speech!" but then... bam! they have powers?! That's not something everybody have... Then, the members should'n be choosen carefully? Then how is it that Eric new she was able to join the club huh?? cuz' nobody else in the group new her so it wasn't something they planned! how suspicious... *¬*

(sorry if my writing it's strange or bad, english it's not my born language!)