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Old el Paso
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why are they like modern gangsters
What'll Jeff and Jer look like? Big muscle-bound Jeff with a square jaw and tiny little eyes? Jer looking like a stereotype yaoi anime boy that looks all feminine.

Edit: By the gods there's a psychopath on the loose! (No really, you're at the 99th page, 100 better be special.)
That had better be Yngwie he's listening to.
at superdude
It is the original yes. It's one of the two animes that I like. The other being the Gundam series
I like Andy. And his spoon-gun. What exactly is it?
I'm guessing
Update!!!! Please!!!!
I just love the -walk- sound effects!
Yay! That wasn't 2 weeksish at all!
Dude, I love this kind of art style. Faved
I love it! Faved!
I like what the other guy said in the 5th one. (What does ZOMG mean?)
You should try making it biweekly instead of tridaily and you'll have more time to work on other ones while becoming more skilled at drawing the KH characters and it might take less time to draw them, thus becoming an even biweekly where nobody will know where you were whenever you started making these after the 30 or so that you said you already had finished.
I'm impressed about the speech and how fast you update. It's amazing.