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I'm a Swedish manga artist and a part of the Swedish manga studio Nosebleed Studio:

I've always loved drawing and painting, and since 14 years of age I've had my mind set on making manga.

I've studied sequential art at Malmo Comic Art School ( for two years, and today I teach the next generation at the same school.

Have been professionally published since 2006. Some of my works are:
A song for Elise (self published book in 2009)
Mjau! (childrens manga, published in Sweden 2010)
Ein Lied fur Elise (published in Germany by Tokyopop, 2010)
Sword Princess Amaltea (webcomic and published in Sweden 2013-2015)

More about me at my blog
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    Natalia Batista
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@SamJ, wow... thank you so much!!! I can't thank you enough for your kind words. I still now and then come back here to read some comments, and fount this today, and it really made my day - which I totally needed in my life right now.

Yes, the GUYS anthology is sadly out of print... :(

SamJ, so sorry for the super duper late reply!!
Yes, the complete colletion of A song for Elise is avaliable here:

It contains the full manga (including the not online published sex scene!) and the bonus story that was first published in the BL-anthology GUYS.

THANK YOU so much for all this praise and support, I really really appreciate it! <3 <3 <3 <3
@AngelicaAgelviz: Ooooh, yay!! Glad you like the style! :D
I hope you like the story~
@Aida: I think this migth be a first glance impression. I don't feel she's a cliche, as I've worked with her and this comic for more than 4 years now. But like every time you start reading something, it takes time to get into it.

I hope you'll give it a chance and continue. :)
@Aida: I feel, as a woman, making a beautiful, happy, rainbow-land just because it's a matriarchy is shallow. My personal opinion is that power corrupts, no matter who's in charge.

Also, the plan was to play with the stereotypes of the fantasy genre, and the fact that women almost always are skinny, fair and pretty in fantasy genres, while men get to have all kids of body shapers etc. is ridiculous. I want guys reading this manga to feel the same detachment to the male characters as I feel every time I see a skinny pretty girl casted for a fantasy film. *sigh*
@Whip the Rabbit: Haha, what do you mean not physically capable? I have Portuguese family, have you seen their body hair?? XD

I guess they get she's high born or at least not part of their world, but this is what she gets for ditching her knights, lol.
@Ruan: Haha, me too, when I drw it!
@Whip the Rabbit: Yaaay, then I hope I can make one, one day!
@Whip the Rabbit: Yes, right! Thing is also, that demographically, Japan is like 98% born Japanese citizens. And of the other 2%, most of them are other asians, mostly Chinese or Koreans. That means most of the people they meet and interact with on a daily basis are Asians. So I think that also ties in to the whole ethnicity issue in manga.
@Whip the Rabbit: Right! I think it's mostly the spelling. In Swedish, we read "c" as in "citrus", and in words like "clop" or "click" we use "k" instead. So that's pretty much the difference, I think.
Getting to know your OC...
I think it was at this point that I actually felt I kinda knew who Amaltea was. Took some time to get there...
Arm hair
One thing I feel strongly about:
How women in fantasy movies always are all shaved and hairless!
When the h*ll do they have the time to shave their armpits and legs while in the bush fighting dragons!?

I wanted to show how ridiculous that is, so in this manga, the women can have hair arms etc., but the men doesn't even have facial hair. I bet some guys will look at this manga and feel that is a weird thing, and I'll say:

Foooood~ I like drawing fooood~
(Should make a food manga some day!)
Skin color and facial features
I had a talk once at a Comic event in Sweden, with a comic art teacher from Washington DC, US. He said he held some comic workshops in a suburb to Washington DC, with lots of afro-american kids there. They where hyped on manga and wanted to make their own manga, so they did. But he said when he saw that they drew Japanese looking cahracters, with pale skin and dark hair and names like Yuki or Akira, he asked them why they didn't make mangas with dark skinned characters, like themselves. And they answered that in manga, there are no dark skinned characters.

He made me realize something I have felt for a long time but now got the reality of:
The visual lack of diverse ethnicities and skin colors in manga is a real problem for those who read it and doesn't fit the mold of the stereotypical manga character.

I want to change that. We all need to change that.
Sound FX
Since this manga was first made for a Swedish audience, most of the sound FX is a bit Swedish in its spelling. Some of them I chose to keep, while changing others. I though this made it a bit exotic, just like Japanese sound FX. Not the same, I understand, but kinda similar thing - feeling like this is not originally made for an English speaking audience.

Do you mind the fact that some of them are kinda "Swedish"?
Right! I agree. Wonder what the men would think of it! XD