I'm a Swedish manga artist and a part of the Swedish manga studio Nosebleed Studio:

I've always loved drawing and painting, and since 14 years of age I've had my mind set on making manga.

I've studied sequential art at Malmo Comic Art School ( for two years, and today I teach the next generation at the same school.

Have been professionally published since 2006. Some of my works are:
A song for Elise (self published book in 2009)
Mjau! (childrens manga, published in Sweden 2010)
Ein Lied fur Elise (published in Germany by Tokyopop, 2010)
Sword Princess Amaltea (webcomic and published in Sweden 2013-2015)

More about me at my blog
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    Natalia Batista
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@SamJ, wow... thank you so much!!! I can't thank you enough for your kind words. I still now and then come back here to read some comments, and fount this today, and it really made my day - which I totally needed in my life right now.

Yes, the GUYS anthology is sadly out of print... :(

SamJ, so sorry for the super duper late reply!!
Yes, the complete colletion of A song for Elise is avaliable here:

It contains the full manga (including the not online published sex scene!) and the bonus story that was first published in the BL-anthology GUYS.

THANK YOU so much for all this praise and support, I really really appreciate it! <3 <3 <3 <3
Back from hiatus! Sorry for the delay, here's some daily updates for ya'!
Whaaat whaaat?!
Sorry for the nakedy nakedy, I think this still is not that bad that I need to rate it mature? They never show anything hum-hum-hum y'know.
@Whip the Rabbit: Tha one's actually a photo, that I took and manipulated in Photoshop. Otherwise most grenery backgrounds are actually PS-brushes I tricked around with a little.
@Whip the Rabbit: Yes, I agree. She should have taken it. But, well, we all know her by now - she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer so to say...
@troblsomtwins829: Yaay, thanks!
Haha, yes, they be looking for slaves~ Male slaves, that is.
This is why I prefer uploading one spread at a time. I love doing "splash pages" (pun not intended).
The bandits
Why is it that the side characters that have less brains and are more stereotypical are the most fun to make? XD
We're almost close to the updates that I do at the homepage (about 30 pages or so). Soon I'll have to slow down the pase on the uploads here, so that they don't get too close.
Please go read at the website if you want to get even more from this story!
Sword waving
Amaltea really has a short temper! XD
*~*~* Birthday *~*~*
It's actually my Birthday today. Yay for me! \(^w^)/
29 y o, and been doing comics for 15 years now! Professionally for 9 years. Such progress! Much pride!
Inner monologue
I love them! But I remember reading Death Note back in the days, and that's one manga with too much inner monologues. I always think about that manga when I do them myself, to not step over the fine line of getting confusingly text-heavy.
Badass Dorotea
I think there's a lot og underlying anime stereotypes in my manga, but it's those that actually are belpful strytelling tools or funny likable character archetypes, like the naive and aggressive little sister with curly red hair, and the strong and stoic older sister with long blond hair. Am I right?
I like portraying men in this world in such a way that many readers might think they are females, just because of the gender stereotypes we have in our world.
Well, if you have a hard time differentiating the men in Amaltea's world from the women, I think my manga have proven it's points and morale.

I rest my case.
Amaltea is such a socially awkward nerd...
Get ready for more childhood flashbacks, cuz' that's how I like to storytell, yo!
Assistans #2
These pages was also printed in the end of the first book out in Sweden in 2013. My awesome assistants got one page each to introduce them selves in, and talk about the work with Sword Princess Amaltea.
Thank you for your priceless help, assistants!!