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Yeah, it would definitely be fun if we did!
Lawl. I'm such a douche, never ever having really uploaded anything and suddenly years later you see an upload while the comic has practically died. :/ Ah well, I felt like I had to draw something so yeah... Here it is. c: EVEN THOUGH WE'RE DEAAAADDDD. Sob I just love this. >:
I'd make a mascot... if only I could draw cute things ~_~
Poor Corbin, I feel sorry for him... D: Poor thing needs some loving and I think that I should start drawing some more... Even if I'm busy with loads of school work.

I think, that maybe it should be best if I drew the next pages, although you'll have to tell me what will happen. <____< Maybe you could add me on MSN or AIM so that we can discus stuff like this. :3 Oh btw. Your icon is making me wonder... ._.
I know that this reply is like... freakin'... a month or something later <_<;
But I cant help but to notice that Corbin sort of reminds me of Demyx... It's cute. :3
Absolutely gorgeous, as always. I seriously envy your skills. x_x; They both look so cute! And Xoren doesn't look that girly as you said. Though, I have to say you forgot the red around his eyes. It looks nice like this though. :3
What're you talking about, fail?! Man, Corbin looks so effing cute! And you made Xoren look even better than when I draw him. D: -Sucks-
Yes, Kingdom Hearts is love <3 Oh, btw Xoren's main eclipses are sun eclipses. xD; ... Anyway, the coloring doesn't look like shit at all!
Though... I don't think Xoren will understand Corbin... since he talks German... xD;..
Good job! :3
Kyaaa~! More more more X3
-Hugs both of them-
They look so cuteeeeeeee <3
You did such a great job on the page~!
I love you Stef~! X3

And yes, we are more likely to like the love/hate relationship between those two, sort of. xD
I may like rape, but I can't see them raping each other... o.o;

I already know this one! X3
It's still beautiful een if the colors are off!
Maybe I should actually change Xoren's hair.. I mean, there are quote a lot silver haired men... (-Starts drooling-)
Ah well. :3
I love it~! Your work is just awesome! I envy you. o_o
@Simo;; Haha xD, bitchfight ftw!

I would love to make a continiuation, but Chibi_Stef's gonna do that. :3

@Miss ;; Yes yes, an... unholy battle... XD Just wait and see. :3
Thank you~!
Ballet shoes are fun! X3
Yes, yes he is using that as an excuse. xD Well, but I would also pounce Solaris <<; ...
Yush. It sucks. :3
I was like, totally bored, had to do some stuff for my parents so I got really bored after a few breaks and I did it all hurriedly. ^^;
Totally awesome o_o; I should make a page of how my characters meet someone... <<;
This looks really nice, I like your style it looks so simple and clean. X3
It's so pretty.........
It's absolutely gorgeous!
Doed. Seriously. I'm jealous. D: That guy is effing hawt.................
-Starts drooling-
Nya >w< You guys make me happy <3
Ooohhh....Pluis' so cute!

He's really pluizig. XD
Gah. I love you. You're awesome. Sol and Ell are just...uber smex. <3