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drawing, reading, and watching t.v.
The basics of course, but I'm alot more interesting than that...but you can determine that for yourself ^.^
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well, I was stupid and procrastinated reading it after I faved so, I really dont know much about this at all, since I never read any of it. BUT, I really hope you'll do a sorta update and let us know when it'll be published and how we can go about buying it. I definitely think it would be worth it. you seem like a great artist and the story sounds fun to follow. thanks and mucho luck
I cant get over how much I enjoy Jasper. he's just fantastic in a chaotic and calming way.
so I saw this and decided to read it. beginning to now. I am simply in love with this and cant wait to see more
April 5th, 2011
I agree. it is very cute. and glad to see an update ^.^
a boy in a corset always makes me smile ^.^
I'd much rather open the door to these guys than 7 dwarves ^.^
I've just gotta agree with Hidukul in this situation. Horus' odds just dont seem to be in his favor for this argument XD
I'm actually kind of sad it's over, but I've enjoyed everybit of the ride. I cant wait to see the other things you'll be posting. and I hope you dont take this down because I'm pretty sure I'll want to go back and re-read it all over again.
it's so adorable. and ed is cracking me up.....even now they're still perfect for eachother. *loveit*
oooo....I really hope this doesnt cause seperation or sadness otherwise <.< *dies*
eee. adorable. I gotta say, I'm totally lovin the beard on him. and it's soo cute how they're just so great for eachother ^.^ it pleases me
aww, well ok yeah she's chubby, but yeah he's a douche haha.
this chapter is seeming more and more interesting. I'm definitely looking forward to more
he keeps the beard right? =D
yay update!
and rawr! she's not chubby, lay off *glares* I cant help but love those two girls
it goes to page 55 and no farther back =/
I saw an update and didnt remember what had happened so clicked didnt go back to the beginning...I really enjoyed this story
I was more thinkin gail sees it and thinks "oh a gift...wait, it's should be bigger" *pang!* <---is the sound of swanson getting knocked out lol
wow. that is so awesome