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Yeah just testing a scanner.
Well I might as well give a little background on what this character is. Well, ever heard of the Mother series? Well if you haven't, the game Earthbound is apart of it. Basically Eartbound is the sequel to Mother 1 which was only released in Japan. This character is Flint from Mother 3 which again was only released in Japan. So I drew this in like five minutes because I wanted to test my scanner. It's not the best I could do but it's just a test. So anyways, hope you enjoy and have a nice day.
His weakness is.....I don't know
I'm back.
Hello, I'm returning to Smackjeeves. I wanted to get back into making web comics and stuff so yeah, I came back. Here are somethings I will promise to you guys:
1. No more MS Paint. Only or Photoshop
2. I will not act retarded like I use to be.
3. I will be getting a drawing pad soon so I don't have to draw with a mouse. Trust me I can draw a lot better with a pen and paper better than drawing with a mouse.
So, I hope you guys are happy I am back.
On that "farm" did you kill the humans that lived there?
Ahhh slenderman the creepiest creepypasta meme ever is now in Minecraft XD
Are you killing that pony next? I'll give you the hack saw.
Happy Halloween :)
How did Twilight Sparkle taste? I imagine she would taste like grape jelly with strawberry jelly.
I thought they were like furry creepers XD
Well I am a brony
There I am one now. I am now addicted to watching the show. I even have a favorite pony :D It's rainbow Dash.
Also, I am a brony now. BROHOOF!
Okay fusion is now considered a beyond troll. A troll that trolls so much, he's not joking.
I play tf2 at 4am.....
>_> you didn't recolor the blue sonics!
>the flies come back and steal your wallet. Then they get a big gun and smack the ground.The gun smashes them. You get your wallet and sing with a top hat on.
Did Jordan get a bad temper because of the honey?
Strange before my PC broke I use to draw with a laptop touch pad. I drew well on it. Look at My Crumpet and me the game. i drew that with a laptop mouse pad. then I got a mouse and my PC broke D: It's being fixed. Now I use a mac D:
Cyborg/ Pheonix Wright Boom