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I like beer, wine, cigarettes, solitude, and egg rolls.
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Hey, you're my first comment! Thanks!
Ice Cream
I was sitting down one day, watching TV, when outside I heard the warbly music of an Ice Cream truck passing by my house. Prior to this, I hadn't had Ice Cream from a truck for years, so I rushed outside like a mad man and ran down the street. Must of been a sight to see for my neighbors, seeing a grown man hustle down the street for ice cream. Trying out a new style here.
The Details
Josh calls up Ghorr for some advice about dealing with relationships.
Love your style. Looks like I have a new comic to follow.
Sounds familiar
I often harp about how much I need and don't need, but the fact of the matter is that I see a lot of people having fun being together and getting married. It's weird, being roughly twenty-something and seeing your friends getting married and settling down, but I suppose that is how things go...I guess.

If things look at all like it does with the "thirty-something" and all these divorces I'm seeing, I think I'll skip all that and just wait a bit longer before I settle down.
Ah, sweet love
I always think its funny when people take it upon themselves to impose in your private life to "help". Often times, their help is not what you wanted and everyone involved is left feeling for the worse: you are in a situation in which you don't appreciate and your "benefactors" are left feeling unappreciated. Its a vicious cycle.

Also, its usually a bad idea to let people you work with or kind of know hook you up with a date.
I was watching this cooking show and I realized much of what we are used to is mostly superfluous gymnastics. I'm almost positive that is just me, but the only thing I really need in my life is beer, a good cheeseburger, and a full pack of Camel Crush cigarettes: yes, when it comes to smoking, I like choice. I like being the captain of my ship, thank you.
This comic is dedicated to a friend of mine, Andy, who coaches kids in forensics and is a councilor at a day camp during the summer. He works with kids a lot, and he will stop DMing D&D right in the middle of a session to brag about how well his kids did in a debate or regionals or something. Point is, the man is proud of his work, and I'm happy to see that there is someone who takes so much joy in teaching.
Big Boys do Cry
Conan was one of the first fantasy movies I've ever seen. The result was me becoming obsessed with the 80's movies - - in my most humble of opinion, the 80's was the best decade for action, fantasy, and science fiction. Real explosions, men in costumes, and puppets. Now a days, everything is all CG this and CG that...but there was a golden age where actors didn't have to stand in an empty green room talking to themselves. I actually prefer the old way because the sets and props had a real texture and feel to it, and even though it was not always super realistic, I still got the sense that the actor and whatever fantastical monster were operating in the same space.

Anyway, Conan is a man's movie. The popular belief seems to be that men don't cry during movies, but the truth is this: we do. I get misty eyed during Diehard, at the end, when Carl Winslow from Family Matters blows away the bad guy after not pulling his gun for like, ten years I think, just to save John McClane. Men do cry (or at least get misty) during movies -- they just have to be the right movies.