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I'm a comic writer/letterer. You can read my web comic Flying Sparks on here or on http;//

If you're interested in lettering services, I charge $5 per page.

I am always interested in helping out on writing projects, feel free to hit me up.
Switching gears here. I'll give a little hint and say that what happens starting on this page snowballs big into the plot later on in the series.
The first issue to me was somewhere to establish who Meta-Girl was and her fighting capabilities. We saw her against someone who's at least got some beef to him earlier in the issue, and now she's up against someone more normal.
I loved this relationship montage. It worked out really great and moves us along to a point in the story where things really start to heat up.
What fun's a work place if you can't gossip about the girls who come in?
Romantic Comedy
Try to give a little of everything in our superhero comic. Chloe and Johnny's relationship is one of the most important part of the books, and it all starts here.
Awkward situations are always fun.
All of the main characters meet on this page. This is where the characters really start to come out and show who they are. Hope you enjoy!
Personal Lives!
This series is more about the personal lives of our charactesr in a lot of ways than their extraordinary adventures. I think that's what makes it unique. So here's Chloe out of costume for the first time!
July 15th, 2011
Wait wait wait...this is a comic book, we can't assume that he's dead for good!
Beautiful, Rivana. Hope to see more soon!
Meta-Girl Strikes Back!
Title says it all. You'll notice the onlookers speaking of Meta-Man. He will appear much later.
And the cliffhanger...
Was going to leave this page until next week as we catch up on Flying Sparks, but I decided one last for a Friday afternoon was a good idea. Will Meta-Girl plummet to her doom? Who will save the city from the likes of creepy-bald-juiced-dude?

Come back next week, same Meta-time, same Meta-channel!

(Next update will be on Wednesday).

Have a good weekend.
And it gets worse
My advice: don't mess with juiced up bald men if you don't have some sort of super power.
Introducing... Meta-Girl!
The heroine of our story in a tight spot to start off the book! Thought long and hard about whether to start with an origin story or not, and I decided to skip ahead in her life to where things get a little more interesting. Enjoy!
A Painting Is Thieved!
Our good friend Johnny is revealed to be a fence. I actually did a search on pages that were drawn, so if you look at that painting there, it's an actual painting in real life that was stolen about a year ago.
First Page!
Little establishing scene for our main male protagonist, Johnny Benvinuti, and the supporting character Paul. Had a lot of fun creating these characters, and they've definitely got their depth and quirks in the pages to come.
Smack Jeeves Launch!
Here we are, the cover for Flying Sparks. Issue one is written/lettered by Jon Del Arroz with art by Michael Yakutis.

I want to give a shout out to eishiya from Black Dram for helping my layout come to life here. She is way too awesome, and so's her comic!

I have a huge back log of pages, so there will be a lot coming in the next few weeks while we catch up. As you notice on the cover it says "Updates Wednesdays." When my backlog dwindles, that will be our update schedule with one page per week.

Excelsior, true believers!
Wow, some of the most beautiful art I've ever seen in webcomics. How often do you update?

I don't think there's too much text going on in the panels. It flows very naturally, and you're establshing the story very well. As a writer, I'm pleased with the writing on Eon.

Keep up the good work :)
Thanks for the Support!
Thank you for the nice comment. I'm a big sonic fan too. Did you ever play Sonic-R?